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What exactly does a Consultant do?

What exactly does a Consultant do?

I know that they help businesses solve problems.
But how? What does a day in the life of a Consultant look like?

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Parth Shekhar, MBA Aspirant answered 1 year ago

From what I have read and heard about consulting, consultants are problem solvers and they are really good at this ( at least in the top consulting firms- MBB ).
Consultants are hired by various organisations from various industries. Whenever a company wants to expand its operations, launch a new product, manage its work force efficiently, improve its presence in the market, etc. they try to do all these by themselves. After all, the CEO, CMO, CFO and other leaders of the company know their company much better than an outsider. But, sometimes they fail to achieve the intended goals. This is the moment when they hire consultants (specifically management consultants). Sometimes it takes an outsider to view a problem the company is facing and provide a solution which would have escaped from the insiders’ minds. They have great mathematical and analytical skills which they use to support their suggestions & solutions and convince the company’s leaders to implement them.
Consultants often work at their client locations in order to get fully acclimatised with the company’s A to Z. Hence, most of their time goes in traveling. For the solutions they provide, they charge a hefty sum as well. I read this in a book- “ Inventory manager knows about inventory management, product developer knows about the product, marketing manager knows about the market situation of the product, but, a consultant knows a bit about all these things and their approaches to solve problems in other’s domains make them brilliant.

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