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What happens if you don't get a PPO after Summer Internship?

What happens if you don't get a PPO after Summer Internship?

Anonymous asked 1 month ago

There are so many great stories about getting PPOs/PPIs on InsideIIM, but what happens if you don’t get a PPO? How do you deal with the rejection, and how do you explain it to the companies that come on campus for Final Placements because clearly, the internship sucked which is why the employer didn’t bother handing out a PPO!

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Raghunathan S, XLRI Jamshedpur answered 1 month ago

There are 2 categories of people who sit for the final placements
1. Those who did not get a PPO
2. Those who got a PPO and rejected the offer

Despite landing PPO’s people continue to search for their dream jobs through final placements. It is your experience during the internship that matters more than the PPO. You get exposed to a particular industry, assess a company’s culture and finally decide whether you want to land a job in that particular industry. While the employer gauges you, the employee simultaneously assesses the employer.

To answer your question, before handing out PPO’s a candidate’s potential along with his/her cultural fit with the company is assessed. The aspect that one employer dislikes is actually liked by another. And I am sure most graduates work hard during their internships in the hopes of landing a PPO. You will have for sure something that you have learned from your internship which can be discussed during interviews.

Think on these lines as well. If a company that comes for final placement thinks that most of the potential candidates have already been rejected by another employer, then why would they even bother coming for final placements? The internship might have been bad. But that doesn’t mean the candidate is bad for all jobs.

There is no guarantee that a candidate with a PPO will do well in the company in the future. PPO is not the end of the line. Cheer up, for few months down the lane you will have landed a job which might be better than your internship.

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