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What is it like to be a part of MICA? How does it compare with other top MBA institutes?

What is it like to be a part of MICA? How does it compare with other top MBA institutes?

I know for a fact that MICA is considered to be the mecca for marketing.
So what makes it stand out amongst other MBA institutes? What is unique about being a MICAn?
And is it a good option for an MBA?

Kunj Sanghvi, MICA

replied 1 year ago

The two things that work for MICA are its selection procedure and its brand perception (which, considering they are a marketing school, they better be good at building.) The brand perception ensures that some of the most creatively inclined people who still want the safety net of an MBA apply here. This results in a pool of applicants with a wide variety of experiences and unique skills applying to give structure and focus to their passions. The subsequent selection procedure is structured exactly to pick people who are clear that they want to be in the communications/marketing field. Anyone who is unsure of his direction or is definitely looking for something else is culled out. To the batch that gets formed due to these two factors, some of the most interesting subjects, experiences and projects are thrown at over the next 2 years. MICA is a classic case of what in marketing parlance we call focusing on the niche. By picking the niche of marketing and communication, MICA is able to provide a very deep, almost geeky, approach to this field over the course of two years. The handful of finance and distribution courses are crap and should not be taken too seriously. But with the kind of faculty (not all of them but a handful few) it manages to attract, students are given eye-opening experiences in the classroom. Subjects like culture and communication, semiotics, consumer behaviour and brand science are unique and extremely engaging. MICA helps a potential marketeer build an instinct and a confidence to overcome challenges around a brand which are difficult to articulate, quantify, measure and solve. But above everything else, MICA gives students the time to explore. A communication/marketing expert has to bring to the table a richness of experiences, media consumption habits and knowledge so as to find fresh ways of communicating a message. And MICA tells its students, I’m not going to cram your day with things you must do. I’m going to give you time and space and resources to explore and make your own plans and chase your own agendas on campus. I’m going to enable it with a great peer group, a sterling faculty and a beautiful campus. MICA treats its students as adults – not as kids who need to constantly be given the stick and told what to do.
8 years out of MICA, I have batchmates who are not constrained by industry or function or classic definitions of what a career entails. There is a rich variety of things they are pursuing and I think being a MICAn helps them in giving structure, finding resources and making profitable, their many flights of fantasy.
I can understand that not every MICAn would share this view of the institute, but I know that MICA has chiselled my brain in a way that I go beyond daydreaming when I want to create something today. MICA gave me the tools to turn these dreams into profitable, effective, measurable results.

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