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What is the best answer can be given to the question "Why MBA"?

What is the best answer can be given to the question "Why MBA"?

What is the best answer can be given to the question “Why MBA”?

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Riddhi Kalra, IIM Trichy answered 1 year ago

Fortunately or unfortunately, there is no standard answer for the above question, since it has to vary for different profiles. There are many reasonable answers I have heard from my peers who got in to different IIMs and other Top B-Schools, you may frame your own answer from the below:

  1. If you have done your under graduation  in a Commerce stream (Fresher), you need not say more than the fact that you have a relevant background, you are interested in the domain and want to hone your knowledge and ability further so you are more equipped to enter the corporate world.
  2. If like a vast majority, you are an engineer (Fresher), then you will have to speak about certain major projects or committees/clubs that you can substantiate as a mark of your ability and interest in management. You might be asked why you want to switch streams and if you are from an IIT/NIT, expect to be grilled on why a smart student who has a bright career ahead after using up  the benefits of an institute that relies on tax payers money wants to enter Business School. You’re answer could vary from a) Inspirational- take an incident from a successful business tycoon and try to incorporate it into your dream. b) you could genuinely have a need for money/climbing the corporate ladder faster, but you will need a little nerve to put that forward because while you will get brownie points for honesty, you will have to prove how you are different from the thousand people who want the same thing. It may be a personal quest or a family need. 
  3. If you are from a commerce background and have work experience, you will be questioned why you want an MBA degree when there’s a chance you could move up the corporate ladder without it in the domain of your choice. The only way to tackle this is to say that you are interested in the knowledge that you will gain due to its practicality. Since you have relevant workex, you can relate to the classroom concepts better so you can apply them better when you rejoin the workforce.
  4. If you are an entrepreneur already, you can say you’re looking to gain insights on taking your venture to the next level in terms of expansion, differentiation etc. and find partners who share your interest in addition to figuring out how you can solve a few roadblocks you are facing. 
  5. If you are very young (around 19-21 years) or have fairly good work experience (say 80+ months), you can say that you have a yearning to study and you do have a point of view that is different compared to your peers (diversity card). You’ll have to then go on to some of your biggest achievements in the recent past that can substantiate the same. 

Broadly, it will end up making you talk about your future goals and its best to anticipate that. 

I am a student at IIM Trichy, Batch of 2017-19

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