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What is the right time to pursue PGPX?

What is the right time to pursue PGPX?

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Abirbhav Mukherjee, IIM Trichy answered 1 year ago

PGPX is ideally designed for people having a good deal of work experience, preferably in a particular industry sector. It can be seen that PGPX courses offered by IIMs require a minimum of 5 years of work experience, which is not the case with PGP. Moreover, PGPX is a 1 year course against 2 of PGP.
Ideally, one should go for PGPX only if he/she has a work experience between 5-15 years, preferably in the band of 7-10 years. Again, experience is preferred in 1 particular sector itself, since only then the candidate will be able to identify the skill gaps present in his/her profile, which he wishes to be fulfilled by taking up a PGPX course. Both PGP and PGPX are full-time residential courses, which mean that there will be no dearth of the demand of hard and rigorous labour during the course. That is a word of caution to the fellow aspirants.

I am an alumnus of IIM Trichy (MBA 2016-2018 batch)

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