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What qualities are needed to do an MBA in Marketing?

What qualities are needed to do an MBA in Marketing?

What are the qualities one should possess within to do an MBA in Marketing? Are there any online courses present? 

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Parth Shekhar, MBA Aspirant answered 1 year ago

Objectively speaking, I think the most important quality needed for this specialization is creativity. Some are lucky enough to realize from the beginning that they have such a quality and hence decide to pursue this specialization. While some develop this trait after entering a b-school and throughout the curriculum, competitions and discussions among friends. Sometimes, ‘thinking outside the box’ or simple yet effective strategies, as a result of creativity in all of us makes marketing a well-sought specialization.
One can find a number of online content to understand the technical/non-technical skills required to pursue an MBA in marketing. Platforms like InsideIIM, Konversations, EDx, etc. provide great materials for marketing enthusiasts.

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