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What should be best strategy while preparing DI LR when just 2 months are left for CAT2018

What should be best strategy while preparing DI LR when just 2 months are left for CAT2018

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With just about a month left for CAT, you should now be focusing on just practicing the new caselets which come your way. DILR usually has a certain set of questions which have been common throughout previous CATs, or at least they are an iteration of that same type. Circular arrangements, games and tournaments, et al are some types that you should be thorough with. There are multiple new problems in the mocks you give, so try those problems too. I have always believed they are the best question bank. In terms of DILR questions the more you practice new problems the better. The last month is not for experimenting but building your stamina for solving this section. By now, you already have a strategy in progress, so work on it. That will help you with accuracy as well as the speed needed to ace the section. I would suggest that you focus on accuracy, as past trends have been of a typically difficult DILR section, wherein solving even three sets correctly guarantee you a 95+ percentile. So while the sets might be time-consuming, the return on time is high. Also, do not forget to solve all the previous year questions, especially the last three years. They will give you a good insight and make for good practice too. Lastly, be ready for surprises. CAT is known to throw some from time to time. Keep calm and bell the CAT!

Hi Ketan, 
I realise that there is only a month left now. Hope your preparation is on track. Even if it isn’t, a lot can improve in a month!
I found LRDI the toughest among all 3 sections. So I can relate to your doubt. I would advise you to:

  1. Write sectional tests: Write as many sectional tests as you can. It will definitely lead to improvement. Especially if your LRDI is in a poor state right now, it will help you all the more. It will also help you identify the easier set of questions quicker
  2. Analyse solutions: Writing mocks or sectional tests are just part of the entire strategy. Real knowledge is gained when you learn how to solve questions that you could not solve earlier. So after every test, sit down and go through all solutions. If you do 10-15 sectional tests overall, you will end up seeing solutions to hundreds of problems that you did not know about earlier
  3. Grow quicker: Learning new topics is not very easy in the last few days. So instead focus on getting faster at the types of problems you already know. That will create some extra time for you during CAT, and you can devote that to solving tougher or newer kinds of questions

Hope this helped. All the best!

Member, InsideIIM Student Team 4 | PGP - IIM Calcutta, 2019

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