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What should be my preparation strategy with 1 month to go for XAT?

What should be my preparation strategy with 1 month to go for XAT?

Starting from now, how should I go about preparing for XAT? How many mock tests should I give and how can I prepare for the GK and Decision making section?

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Sailesh Hota, XLRI Jamshedpur answered 6 months ago

I remember last year when I had exactly one month to prepare for XAT.
The most important thing that’ll sway XAT in your favor is the Decision Making ssection.SinceQuant and VARC will be taken care of already since one would have prepared for CAT as well, I suggest you start solving past XAT papers as much as possible. 
Going through papers from at least the last 10 years would help one understand how the DM pattern is and what kind of answers they are looking for. DM is about the most ethical answer, not the perfect answer. 
Apart from that one mock every 3 days should be fine. Time yourself and keep maximizing your score everyday. XAT, unlike CAT, is a high scoring exam. If you have signed up for IMS or TIME, by now you would have received a booklet or question bank for DM. Solve it diligently. If you’re not getting the right answer, find someone who is and try to understand their approach.
GK can be done from Indiabulls. As long as you’re reading the newspaper daily, you should be on safe ground.

PGDHRM XLRI, Batch of 2020 | XAT 2018 - 97.46 | Student Team 4, InsideIIM

Jeetesh Varshney, IIM Udaipur answered 6 months ago


The most asked question after CAT exam is how to prepare for XAT. What should be the strategy and all?
XAT is almost 1 month away and a lot can happen in this month as far as preparation is concerned. XAT which has 3 sections like VARC, DM and Quant in the first exam and the score of this exam will get you a call from XLRI and GK and essay writing in the second exam whose score doesn’t affect your chances of getting a call.
As per the preparation is concerned, you are now very much prepared for VARC and Quant but Decision Making is one section for which now you have to start preparing. The best source of preparation for DM is the previous year questions, make sure you solve all the questions and check out the solutions of some reliable source. Believe me, this will be enough as far as DM is concerned. While preparing, give previous year papers as Mock Test as this will give you the exact feel of the exam.

For GK, you can check out GK section of word pandit as it has enough material for current as well as static GK.

Hope this answer your questions!
All the best!

Member, InsideIIM Student Team 4 | PGP - IIM Udaipur, 2020

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