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Time Table For Last 2 Months To CAT

Time Table For Last 2 Months To CAT

What should be my timetable for the next 2 months remaining for CAT?

I have completed 90% of my CAT syllabus, and have 3 hours on weekdays and 16 waking hours on weekends, what should be my timetable in terms of sectional tests, mock tests, analysis and revision?

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Apurva Sharma, IIM Trichy answered 8 months ago

Since you have covered 90% of the syllabus so I am assuming that you have a fair idea of the concepts and now you need to focus on improving question solving speed and retention to excel in the CAT exam. You have 8 weeks left from the D-day which consists of 40 week days and 15 weekend days. By this calculation you have 120 hrs in weekdays and 180 hrs in weekend. A lot of time to change the game!
Weekends schedule of both Day 1 and Day 2-
3 hours full mock tests + 4 hours to solve them and to make notes = 7 hours
3 hours each to solve sectional mocks + 1 hours to solve each sectional = 6 hours
1 hour to read something which interests you (news, novel, magazine, any textbook) = 1 hours
Thus you can utilize 14 hours for both the days of weekend out of your 16 available hours.
Moreover, you need to keep in mind all the mistakes done in the mocks, so focus more on revision now.
Weekdays schedule (5 days)-
Day 1 = Revise mock 1 solution = 3 hours
Day 2 = Revise mock 2 solution = 3 hours
Day 3 = Revise sectional 1 solution = 3 hours
Day 4 = Revise sectional 2 solution = 3 hours
Day 5 = Revise sectional 3 solution = 3 hours
(You should decide which sectional to revise each day)
Try to finish your revision as soon as possible in order to learn something out of the remaining 10% portion during weekdays.
This timetable would seem rigorous in first week, but trust me this is going to make you robust for the upcoming curriculum which you will encounter in your dream MBA College.

I am a member of InsideIIM student team 4.0 and currently studying at IIM Trichy.

Thank you mam

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