What should I choose PGPM at IiMK or FABM at IIMA ?

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Alpa Mehta
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Adarsh Ranjan
Alumni | MDI Gurgaon

Hello, Alpha!



The primary question to be answered here is:

"Do you look at Foods and Agri-business as a career you would want to pursue?"



If the answer is YES:

Then the choice is plain and simple--> Go for FAMB IIM A.

If, However, your answer is a NO, here's a list of factors you need to consider: 

1.) Placements: FABM at IIM A has a separate placement. Not all roles open up for the FABM students. At IIM K, all companies (including the likes of MBB, Unilever, Nestle, ITC, among alot others) visit the campus and all roles would be open to you.

2.) Campus Life: The campus life of an FABM student feels like "a second class citizen", and I quote a friend who's a curreec student of the FABM course. At IIM K, you would be a part of the mainstream student life.

3.) Future Prospects: Having a general management degree, rather than a niche FABM degree, leaves you with options to switch companies easily.

4.) Brand Value: A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that FABM, IIMA is the same as the brand IIM A, well had that been the case the LinkedIn profiles of FABM grads would have mentioned FABM against IIM A. In most cases however, students want to hide FABM because they know it is not as strong a brand as PGPM at IIM A.

These factors primarily should drive your choice of college.

Hope that helps!



3 years ago

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