What strategy should I follow to score 210+ in NMAT?

One of my target colleges is NMIMS Mumbai. 
Last year, the cut off was set at 210. What strategy should I follow to crack NMAT this year?
My exam is scheduled for 28th October. 

2 years ago

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Chirag Shukla
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Jeetesh Varshney
Alumni | Indian Institute Of Management Udaipur

Hi NMIMS Aspirants,
As the NMAT examination process already began, so for those who are going to give their exam in the coming slot, I will suggest that spend 1 or 2 days to brush up every single formula and concept, as NMAT is a speed test and the level of difficulty is quite less as compared to CAT or XAT, so even having basic idea of every topic works well for you. Many of the questions in NMAT exam will be direct and formula based, so if all formulas and concepts will be on your tips, then definitely it will boost up your speed. After brushing up, start doing mocks and try to analyse them how you are doing. Always play on your strengths first and form a pattern how you are going to attempt i.e which section you will do first, second and third and I 'll suggest you that stick to that pattern of attempting the sets in the main exam too. For mocks, You can check out the Oliveborad, their NMAT mocks are quite good and follow the same UI as the main exam. One smart thing you can do is that keep track of all the exam which happened in previous slots and questions that came in them. It will be very helpful especially for the Verbal section. So, just follow the above steps and I am pretty sure that you will nail the final exam.
Hope it helps!
All the very best !!

2 years ago

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Vani Vivek
Current Student | IIM Shillong  (Since 2008)

Number one would be giving NMATmocks. It is vastly different from CAT when it comes to speed. NMAT is a speed game through and through, so mocks will help you greatly. When you do that, a comprehensive analysis of those mocks will tell you what is your area of strength.  Try playing on those strengths. To score a 210+, you need to have that one section where you always nail it. Having said that the QA section is of 1-hour duration and hence should not be ignored at any cost, irrespective of whether it is your strength or not. 
There is always a mock available on the official website so start with that, and give at least 5 mocks for this particular test. By now I am assuming you are aware of the kind of questions that are a part of this test, so I will not get into that. The last thing I want to point out is that in NMAT you can decide in which sequence you want to attempt the test. That is a very important factor for deciding the flow of the exam and your state of mind. So choose that wisely. Apart from this, believe in your preparation and you are good to go. All the best!

2 years ago

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