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What to do before internship ends?

What to do before internship ends?

As your internship comes to a close you are left with the looming question: what’s next? How do you get a full-time job offer? Who can you talk to about your desired career path? What are all things to be made sure before ending an internship?

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Devendra Singh Bhati, answered 1 year ago

It always depends on person and company but there are a few things which will get you gold always:

  1. Keep your energy up till the end.
  2. Network with your co-interns and supervises.
  3. Update your LinkedIn
  4. Ask for feedback
  5. Send a thank-you note

Summer Internship opportunities are provided to MBA graduates for LEARNING. Yes the company brand name does matter for final placement shortlisting for a few companies. But that’s not only how you approach your summer Internship. Of course, Final placements in big MNCs is a dream for all. But we often forget that the sole purpose of SIP is to LEARN how day to day business activities are executed in an organization.
Take this opportunity to learn as much as you can. Do not be in the frame of mind that this task is not meant for me or difficult for me. Every small task is a learning and every learning is a small stepping stone towards your journey of becoming a great manager in the future. Be energetic and proactive all the time. Also Show your interest in observing how the managers tackle with real life business problems which you wont get in any book taught at B-schools.
Apart from this take this as a huge opportunity to Network with various professionals that you come across whilst your internship duration. Also keep good contacts with your fellow interns from various B-schools that are working with you. You can learn a lot from everyone.
Always be ready for any critical feedback that you get. Obviously, the organization does not expect you to excel at every task allotted. This is the only way you learn and improve.
At the end of your internship, take a diary and a pen and note down every small thing that has added value to your life. Evaluate yourself and make efforts to improve them if not perfect them.

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