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What type of questions asked in IIMs?

What type of questions asked in IIMs?

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Apurva Sharma, IIM Trichy answered 7 months ago

Hi Sudan,
The types of questions solely depend on the student profile, though some questions are common for all the aspirants. I have tried to cover most of them in this article
Good Luck!

I am a member of InsideIIM student team 4.0 and currently studying at IIM Trichy.

Mayur Thombare, MBA Aspirant answered 7 months ago

general knowledge , your hobbies and the most common why are you do mba.

Chirag Shukla, MBA Aspirant
answered 7 months ago

Hi Sudan. Here is a brief overview of the type of questions asked in an IIM interview:

  1. About work experience/undergraduate subjects: For example, if you have been a business analyst at Accenture, you will be quizzed about the kind of work you did, the software you used, your work’s impact on your team’s performance or the company’s performance, etc. Similarly, if you’re a fresher, you will be grilled on the basics of the various subjects that you studied. 
  2. About hobbies and interests: For example, if you mention that you are interested in Cosmology, you will be asked about the mechanism of a black hole, the concept of dark energy, how supernovae occur, why are supernovae so difficult to find, how is the distance to stars measured, what is parallax etc. If you mention that your hobbies are playing and watching football, you will be expected to know everything there is to know about football as a sport in various countries. 
  3. About current affairs: Major schemes launched by the government of India, trending topics on social media, controversial news, awards won by athletes, political updates (election news), international news, conflicts, major civil unrest movements (like the French Yellow Vest movement), mergers and acquisitions, updates from the world of sports, major award ceremonies (Pulitzer, Oscars, Nobel, Grammy etc.). 
  4. About WAT: Based on your WAT topic and your response, you may be quizzed on the motivation behind your response and the justification behind it. The discussion may lead on from there.
  5. About academic performance and gap year: If your academic profile is inconsistent, you will be grilled on it. Any gap years will also have to be justified convincingly.
  6. Generic questions: Why MBA, Tell us about yourself, 5-year plan, 10-year plan, Who inspires you, walk me through your CV, why this b-school, etc. 

There is an entire question bank created by an IIM student that can be of great help to you – https://insideiim.com/question-bank-b-school-admission-process-useful-tips/ 

Hello Sudan,
B-school interview preparation can be divided into three broad heads:
A. Personal or HR questions – About yourself, why do you want to pursue MBA, about your strengths and weaknesses, hobbies and interests and similar questions
B. Current Knowledge – Latest happenings around the world; pay special attention to any current happenings from your domain of specialisation 
C. Static Knowledge – These questions test your knowledge base that you have inculcated over your school years, graduation and job(if applicable)
I suggest, you prepare at least 2-4 subjects of your interest or in which you scored well during your graduation very thoroughly for interviews. Also prepare for commonly used terms and definitions and any established important concepts from your area of study.
HR questions are important for every aspirant; prepare for the basic pointers to a lot of such questions which you can elaborate upon during your interview.
Also, keep in touch with the current happenings around the world, especially in your domain (any government initiatives, international loans and deals in the area and similar topics).

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