Where should I prepare for interviews (Delhi or Chandigarh)

a year ago

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Naman Kamra
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Vani Vivek
Current Student | IIM Shillong  (Since 2008)

Hello Naman,
Interview preparation is about:
1.Finding at least one right mentor with whom you feel comfortable and who can give you honest opinions on your preparedness, from the start till the end
2.Taking a couple of mock interviews with your mentor(s) so you don't feel nervous on the final day 
More than the city, you should focus on meeting the above two, to ensure your well preparedness for the interviews.
Interviews are very personal journeys and only you, yourself can make your interview a success. Focus on engaging in a lot of self introspection during this time to frame pointers  to answer the HR round of questions well. Also read at least five opinion articles everyday to prepare for the other aspects.

a year ago

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