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Which B-schools will I get a call from?

Which B-schools will I get a call from?

GEM : Work Ex- 30 months
CAT 2018 Slot1 (Raw Scores): VARC-67 LRDI-27 QA-14.OA 108.
What CAT percentile can I expect?? 

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Chirag Shukla, MBA Aspirant
answered 6 months ago

Based on estimates by various coaching centres, you can expect anything between 92 and 94 percentile. 
Verbal should be just over 99 percentile, LR-DI either just above or just below 90 percentile, and Quant will be around 65-70. 
These are just vague estimates, so no need to fret. Just wait for the answer key to know for sure (even then, percentile will be very difficult to assess). I think the answer key should be out by today or tomorrow.

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