Which books to refer to to crack quants in PGDBA written test

What helped you crack it? What was your preparation and which books did you refer? 

7 months ago

1 Answers

1 Answers
Ashi Jain
Current Student | MICA Ahmedabad

The Post Graduate Diploma in Business Analytics (PGDBA) is jointly offered by IIM Calcutta, IIT Kharagpur, and ISI Kharagpur. This programme is designed for those who have an analytical mindset, hence the exam is designed in such a way that tests you on those parameters. The exam contains 25 questions on QA, which are based on:

  1. Around 10-12 questions on Calculus, Determinants, Matrices and Conics
  2. The remaining questions are based on Numbers, Algebra, and Geometry etc.

You can use Thomas Calculus and Arun Sharma's book on Quantiative Aptitude and practice the topics as suggested.

7 months ago

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