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Which coaching Institute is best for CAT TIME or CL or IMS?

Which coaching Institute is best for CAT TIME or CL or IMS?

Which full time coaching Institute is best for CAT TIME or CL or IMS?

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Chirag Shukla, MBA Aspirant
answered 1 year ago

I cannot answer this with 100% accuracy because the only interaction with IMS I have had is with their online sectional tests and SIMCATs. I have only accessed the CL Smart CAT cracker and CL mocks. 
I attend TIME weekend classes and have access to their material and AIMCATs. 
TIME classes are alright. Some topics are explained really well but a few of them are superficially taught, which is not something I would recommend for an exam like CAT. But AIMCATs are fantastic. 
I have heard some very good things about IMS though. 
How about you take classes online? 
Takshzila offers very cheap courses on Takshzila Learnyst. 
Their former partner, Ankur Suryavanshi, is also selling Takshzila courses on The Learning Space by Takshzila Shikshak. 
Except Geometry (which is of poor quality), the courses are 100 times better than anything you will learn in classroom coaching. 
I suggest you pair Takshzila with mock test series by various coaching institutes.
You can also access Takshzila’s drop box for detailed notes on various topics.

a sn, MBA Aspirant

replied 1 year ago

Can you please tell me how to access Takszila’s dropbox content?

Please tell me your e-mail ID. I will send it across to you

a sn, MBA Aspirant

replied 1 year ago

aditya.nakil@yahoo.com Thank you!

Hello Mr. Chirag. Can you please tell me about accessing Takszila’s dropbox content too??
My mail id is thanushree251@gmail.com.


zcqggqgn, IIM Ahmedabad

replied 1 year ago

Please don’t freak out after reading the email address. This is a temporary email id that I have created to avoid spam mails. I’d be happy if you send me the link.

shivam gupta, MBA Aspirant

replied 12 months ago

sg972115@gmail.com please send me Dropbox link

mithun parihar, MBA Aspirant

replied 11 months ago

mithunparihar12345@gmail.com please send me the dropbox link

Aakash Verma, MBA Aspirant

replied 4 months ago

please send dropbox link on aakash911turbo@gmail.com
thank you very much

Aakash Verma, MBA Aspirant

replied 4 months ago

please send dropbox link on aakash911turbo@gmail.com
thank you very much

rakesh kumar, MBA Aspirant

replied 2 months ago

Please send the drop box link to

Advance thanks

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please send the drop box link to vensub.behara@gmail.com

Please send me the dropbox link

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Parth Shekhar, MBA Aspirant answered 1 year ago

For full-time preparatory courses, both online or classroom, TIME is usually the first choice for most of the aspirants. I personally have tried the IMS mock series- SIMCATs. My brother had enrolled in the Career Launcher’s GD-PI prep course after scoring 99.67 in CAT last year (he too was enrolled in IMS- SIMCATs). But, you can get all the three parts, i.e. prep materials, mock exams & the GD-PI prep course from any of the three- TIME, CL or IMS. I suggest one can try to take a sample mock offered by these institutes and then decide whichever suits you. Using the mocks as a deciding factor can be helpful as these mocks play a crucial role in your CAT preparations.

it is tried & tested.

IMS is the best institute in my opinion. These 3 institutes are very similar in the way they operate, the quality of their mock CATs, etc. However, the thing that separates IMS is the quality of its study material. The books are so well written that you can easily do a chapter on your own referring to them. They make it extremely easy to revise concepts which is very essential in CAT. Their training for Interviews is also a class apart with regards to the other 2.

I have been a student of IMS

Sachin Mandot, IMT Ghaziabad answered 1 year ago

This is totally personal opinion:
Performance of student in CAT depends upon their self prep rather than the institute. Choice of institute also differs centre to centre; TIME ‘X’ city might not be as good as TIME ‘Y’ city but IMS ‘X’ city may be better than IMS ‘Y’ city. So this question has lots of variable in it to offer any definitive answer.
– I had joined TIME Test Series to prepare for CAT

anmolas, MBA Aspirant

replied 3 months ago

CL connought place vs IMS connought place, New Delhi?

Frankly, there is no definite answer to this question.

TIME – If in the official CAT paper, you get 50 easy questions, TIME will have 30 in their mocks. Basically, prepares you for the worst. You end up finding CAT easy. Disadvantage – Low confidence due to continuous poor scores
IMS – If in the official CAT paper you have 50 easy questions, IMS will have 40 in their mocks. It is nearer to CAT level. Gives you an exam like feel. Because trust me, CAT is not so tough!
I preferred IMS as I did not want to prepare for a level of specialization which is not needed!!
In the end, frankly, study from anywhere, if you are consistent, you will crack it 🙂


Member, InsideIIM Student Team 4 | IIM Kozhikode PGP 2018-2020 | Chartered Accountant

Anonymous answered 1 month ago

Hi!! I am currently enrolled in MBAGuru CP weekday classes and i am preparing for CAT2019. The faculty here is very interactive , they regularly check your homework, assignments and are always there for moral boosting. The batch size is of 30-35 as it was one of the last batch. Yes there are repeaters too but the faculty solves each and every question on board. The classes are usually of 3hr so its kind of making one habitual to sit for 3hr for the endgame. However, the material they gave wouldn’t sufficient for full time student (are quite basic for QA) so i would suggest you to practice from Arun Sharma (for QA) and Previous year topic wise papers by CL (for LRDI), continuously reading is always beneficial for VA so you could refer to (The guardian.com, The hindu) and some non fiction books (animal farm, road less taken, the introduction to psychoanalysis by sigmund freud). For the test series buy anyone from Time (for QA), IMS (for VARC) and CL (for LRDI) according to your weakness. And do give one mock CAT / Previous year paper (full 3hr) before starting so that you know your start point. Do try to join the head branch of any classroom coaching classes. The fees of each of them vary:
Time was 55k, Ims 52k, CL 50k, Mbaguru 45k, Mindworkzz 48k. All the fees vary but generally they are between 45-55k.
Do comment if you wanna ask anything.

Student @ MBAGURU

Srijoni Nandy, XLRI Jamshedpur answered 1 month ago

I had enrolled in CL. Their material is good and the test series are very similar to the actual exams. One very good feature of the website is that you have separate mock tests for all kinds of MBA entrance exams like CAT, XAT, IIFT, SNAP, etc. This gives you adequate practice on different patterns of the different exams. Apart from the full length test, they also have separate tests for the three sections i.e., Verbal, LR/DI and QA. There are topic wise tests too. You can pick up your weak points and take as many tests as you need to ace those topics.
Since, I had enrolled only at CL, I can’t speak for TIME and IMS. My suggestion would be, whichever coaching institute you pick, consistency is the key. Good luck with your preparation. 🙂

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