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Which is better: IMS, TIME, or CL?

Which is better: IMS, TIME, or CL?

 The centre would be Hudson Lane, North Campus, Delhi

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So, what worked for me personally was Time Test Series in conjunction with Time Modules. I would suggest going for classes only if you require additional push to get on with your preparation.
But if you are disciplined enough to stick to a particular timetable, doing mock test series and modules should be more than enough to get you a good cat percentile. Hope this helps.

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Anonymous answered 1 week ago

I am currently enrolled in MBAGuru CP weekday classes and i am preparing for CAT2019. The faculty here is very interactive , they regularly check your homework, assignments and are always there for moral boosting. The batch size is of 30-35 as it was one of the last batch. Yes there are repeaters too but the faculty solves each and every question on board. The classes are usually of 3hr so its kind of making one habitual to sit for 3hr for the endgame. However, the material they gave wouldn’t sufficient for full time student (are quite basic for QA) so i would suggest you to practice from Arun Sharma (for QA) and Previous year topic wise papers by CL (for LRDI), continuously reading is always beneficial for VA so you could refer to (The, The hindu) and some non fiction books (animal farm, road less taken, the introduction to psychoanalysis by sigmund freud).
For the test series buy anyone from Time (for QA), IMS (for VARC) and CL (for LRDI) according to your weakness. And do give one mock CAT / Previous year paper (full 3hr) before starting so that you know your start point.
Do try to join the head branch of any classroom coaching classes. The fees of each of them vary:
Time was 55k, Ims 52k, CL 50k, Mbaguru 45k, Mindworkzz 48k. All the fees vary but generally they are between 45-55k.
Do comment if you wanna ask anything.


it answers the required question

Thanks for the answer.
Actually, I would prefer to take a centre in the North Campus itself. Which one is best there?
Also, the fees of each one of them was quite inflated when I visited them.

I didn’t research for the north campus one’s. The best advice you can get is from ex student at the same location. I would anytime prefer CL and then Time. The reason being i found the online facility of CL (Test Gym) better than that of Time. However, the classroom for time would be better while the study material from CL i consider it to be better. The best you could do is to ask some acquaintance about the review or get demo classes at each one of them. Do check the number of students in a class, the faculty panel (they should be permanent).

Thanks! It was really helpful.

Anonymous answered 2 weeks ago

I am a currently enrolled student so I can explain this better. I started as if I would be taught everything in easy manner but the entire class is filled with repeaters. That’s not a issue until you the teacher starts the questions. These students will solve the question and in that you will wondering how to attempt that question. This is June, so most batches would be filled with repeaters. It is true that it can increase competitiveness but why would someone pay 60k for that.

I would suggest going for Time as they are the best and you can centers from any of the locations.
My alternate suggestion:
Buy Test series from TIME and IMS, and buy online course from a good tutor. Study at home, finish Quantum CAT for quant, nothing else except never skip mocks and religiously analyse them.

I am a current student of one the coaching institutes.

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