Which is easier: MBA from India or an MS from abroad

Why is it easier to get into a foreign university for MS as compared to pursuing an MBA in India (among the top 20 schools)?

4 years ago

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Aroon Koshy
Alumni | XLRI Jamshedpur
1 Answers
Pankaj Mann
Alumni | IIM Lucknow (Since 1984)

I prepared for my CAT for almost 6 months and got calls from all IIM's except B and ended up converting all except A and C. While my friends worked for more than 10 months with their GRE then with their SOP, so at the end it depends on your profile. For CAT you don't need a research work done in your college but while writing your SOP for MS good research work will get you better universities. While grades matter almost equally in both the cases, they matter more for the summer placements in a BSchool. The obvious factor is also the population, the number of people applying at a BSchool will be higher whereas for MS that won't be the case so the conversion ration will be better for an MS, but again for some other hot shot university that may be higher as well. So both are difficult, and it would need significant inputs from your end to get any of them, one important thing to note would be that, they are not substitutes of each other, you can't do both at the same time, you either prepare for CAT or for GRE, and the decision should be based on your interest not on which one is easier.

4 years ago

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