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Which specific quality would help you the most in a b-school?

Which specific quality would help you the most in a b-school?

If you had to choose one quality which has helped you so far or that you think is necessary to have for those gruelling years of an MBA, what would it be?
Current MBA students, Alumni and aspirants, please lend me your views?
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Riddhi Kalra, IIM Trichy answered 1 year ago

Looking back, I think the right proportion of humility and curiosity together are the markings of the people I have seen truly succeed in B-School. But, then again, my definition of success in B-School is that set of people who do not let the highs get to them, who are great at what they do and do not feel the need to prove their worth because their quality of work or line of reasoning does that for them. These quietly brilliant folks are those who have realized early on the value of time and people in the short span of 20 months and they do what they can to socialize that does not look like mindless networking, manage their sleep cycles well and are equanimous in the face of the odds stacked against them. They are usually entrusted with leadership positions without them asking for it, and are mostly…incredibly difficult to spot early on. Having known a few such people in Trichy, I would say that to a certain extent, their qualities tend to grow on me as well and I feel a sense of positivity about me, that translates to the work I do, the interactions I have and the energy with which I live through the day. 

I am a student at IIM Trichy, Batch of 2017-19

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