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Who do you think will will FIFA World Cup this year?

Who do you think will will FIFA World Cup this year?

Can Belgium beat the biggies like Argentina, Brazil, France to win FIFA World Cup this year?

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The necessary and sufficient conditions needed to lift the trophy include team play and in-form players. Belgium has been good (or rather decent w.r.t former attribute) but do lack players in form. Even though on paper they have mammoth names like Hazard, Courtois, Lukaku, Carassco, Kompany etc but this season their form had not been up to the mark and hence none of them made any significant impact in the club games. Some teams like Portugal, Argentina, Egypt, Chile etc. solely depend on their forward line or rather a single player. If he has his day, you are through; if not, be ready to witness the “boo”. Coming on to heavyweights like France, Brazil and Germany who are assumed to be the prime contenders of the cup fulfill both the required conditions mentioned above and hence, in case of no downturns, be ready to witness one of these teams claiming the name for title.

Anubhav Sinha, MBA Aspirant

replied 11 months ago

While I would personally want Lionel Messi to lift the trophy, the only trophy, that is missing from his glorious cabinet, I think France has the best chance because of its young, talented and in-form squad.

Chirag Shukla, MBA Aspirant
answered 11 months ago

I think three countries which seem likely to win the world cup are Spain, Belgium and England.
I know England is considered to be a horrendous team with no real strategy. But under Southgate, England can flourish this year. Harry Kane, Rashford, Alli and Sterling have been in top form for their respective clubs, especially Marcus Rashford who has really impressed me with his work-rate, vision and speed. The weak link will be the lack of proper centre backs and a seasoned goalkeeper. England can put all their hopes on some of the most talented wing-backs in football today. The key figure will be Kane, of course, with Eric Dier as one major contributor.
The Spaniards need no introduction. In a team which has perhaps THE best midfield in this year’s World Cup, one can expect a lot of the classic one touch football. Diego Costa was spectacular against Portugal, and his confidence from being back in his home club at Atletico will carry on in Russia as well. The key players will be Isco, Thiago and Diego Costa.
Belgium has a strong defence, a strong attacking team and a super midfield, with midfielders Fellaini and Witsel as weaklinks for the team. In the Euros, these two players were mediocre at best, and honestly bring down De Bruyne’s game. However, they are not weak enough to contain this Belgium side, and I feel a combination of Hazard, Lukaku, Mertens, Dembele and Carrasco will take these players at least to the Quarters. The key figures for this world cup will be Eden Hazard and Kevin De Bruyne.

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