Will the fact that i gave improvement exam in 12th hinder my chances of getting into a good bschool?

I was not able to prepare well for my 12th board exams and i scored 56% in it. then i dropped an year to prepare for engineering entrance and 12th Board improvement exmas. At that attempt i scored 78% total. In 10th I had 8.2CGPA. Right now i am pursuing Btech Mechatronics and scored 7.5CGPA in First year. What are the chances of not getting a call from bschool because I gave improvement exams in 12th?

8 months ago

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Digvijay Dhanker
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Nikita Tayal
Current Student | Indian Institute Of Foreign Trade Delhi

Giving improvement exams will not hinder your chances and you can justify why you were not able to prepare well earlier maybe because of illness or any other personal issues. However, your 10th score is average and 12th score is below average which will definetly hinder your chances of getting calls from top b-schools such as BLACKI. I would suggest you to score well in your graduation in order to increase your chances as you are just in 1st year and have ample opportunities to do so. Later on you can focus on b-schools like IIFT, XLRI, MDI G which give emphasis on entrance exam score and not on past academics. Scoring high in these exams along with acing GDPI will ensure that you land in top b-school.

All the best!!

7 months ago

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  • Digvijay Dhanker

    Thank you so much for the reply I was losing hope. Yes I will definitely try and score better in graduation.

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