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This year I got a very low percentile in CAT. I have a job offer from a well established automobile company which I am going to join in July. Now I am in dilemma whether I should take CAT 2019 seroserio or have experience for more than 1 year and then prepare for CAT 2020. Please suggest.

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Apurva Sharma, IIM Trichy answered 2 months ago

Hi Biswajit,

Since the company from which you have received an offer is a well-established automobile company, I would suggest you join the company, gain a considerable amount of work experience and then again write CAT. All the top B-Schools in the country including the IIMs gives a good amount of weightage to the quality and the amount of work-ex towards the preparation of the interviewee’s/final merit list.

All the best!

Member of InsideIIM Student Team 4.0 | IIM Trichy

Anonymous answered 3 months ago

No harm in writing CAT19. The rest you can decide post the results.

Sailesh Hota, XLRI Jamshedpur answered 2 months ago

Hello Biswajit,
It entirely depends on what kind of profile you want to pursue and what is your end objective. Obviously it is not difficult to prepare for CAT during the first year of your job. You can join, prepare and leave with a small amount of workex. However, if you are looking to go into consulting or Operations, I would suggest you continue for  years and write CAT in the second year of your job. 24 months is a favourable number when it comes to work ex.
If you are looking at Fin then I would suggest using your time this year to get a CFA certification to help your profile further down the line.
Hope this helps.

Member, InsideIIM Student Team 4 | PGDHRM - XLRI Jamshedpur, 2020

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