Work experience vs. good marks in Academics

If a student has average score in academics, does a work experience of two to three years compensate for that? Is it possible to get into the new IIMs with not-so-good academic scores?

4 months ago

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Srijoni Nandy
Current Student | XLRI Jamshedpur
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Adarsh Ranjan
Current Student | MDI Gurgaon

If you're looking for a short answer, then, yes an year or two of experience would compensate for average score in academics.
However, I highly recommend that you must try to actually understand how the profile scoring is done for each new IIM or any other college for that matter that you may be targeting. This information is easily available on the website of the respective colleges. I am posting a few of these here just for reference.
As you read the admission criteria, you would understand that ultimately, it's not about work experience but maximizing the profile score which depend upon a lot of other factors as well such as gender, category, graduation stream, extra-curricular achievements and highest qualification also so average academic scores are not a deterrent, one can still make it to any of the new IIMs based on his/her profile score.
Hope this answer helps.

4 months ago

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  • Srijoni Nandy

    Thanks a lot for your insightful answer. :)

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