Would having 3 years work exp be a problem as I am planning to take up CAT 2020?

By the time I take up CAT 2020, I would  be having 3 years work exp. Would that be a problem in the further rounds when I apply to Bschools ? 

6 months ago

2 Answers

2 Answers
Nikita Tayal
Current Student | Indian Institute Of Foreign Trade Delhi


Your workex will be a little on the heavier side but its impact will also depend on the pool of candidates that apply to  the b-schools and then finally make it. If the whole batch is workkex heavy, your workex won't be that big an issue. 

6 months ago

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Ashi Jain
Current Student | MICA Ahmedabad

Refer this:


I am assuming that in this situation, you would ideally sit for the lateral placements

12 days ago

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