‘This Company Requires You To Prove Your Worth To Get Some Work’ – Internship Experience At L&TTS

I joined L&T technology services on 2nd April. For which I had to shift to Airoli, Navi Mumbai on 1st April, my birthday! I spent all day on shifting and travelling here and there 2 hours drive one side from parle to Navi Mumbai. My parents came to drop me off and help me shift. They have been a support throughout my MBA. So, just for one day they came. I cursed that day that

I had spend my birthday like that. I had my past experience in a company such like L&TTS. And I was not at all excited about joining another one like that. So, when I went to office I was really dull, not excited about tech per se. I met my mentor 2 days after joining. First two days I spent sitting idle. My mentor had me meet my reporting manager 4 days after joining and those 4 days I spent cursing my luck. But as time went by, I came to know my mentor more. He was doing his MBA from another college. And we had a lot in common so we discussed them for some time throughout the day.

As the time went by, slowly he made me acquainted with some of the digital solutions they have. And I started researching about them. That moment was the start of my beautiful journey at L&TTS. There is a solution of their’s that combines AI, ML and analytics together. And I started researching learning about them. After fortnight, I asked my mentor for some work, he assigned me a work which was not exactly sales and marketing but was part of strategy for business development. I was not happy as I joined for S&M. But could not. But still I did my best to keep doing some contribution towards this company. In those 15 days, my mentor became my friend, a true buddy I could trust, ask anything. He was so knowledgeable that every day I learned something and went home happy. I still didn’t mention about the 2 star home story. (it sucks, but it’s homely). Then I came to know that my mentor is about to leave for 10-12 days and I still have not been clear about my work.  He made me meet some more people and assigned me some secondary work. I was happy because I had something to do for at least 2-3 days. I have always been a kind of person who cant still idle. So, started those days when I had to sit alone, no one talking to me about the different things in the world and I did not learn much for those days. I focused on doing some work, contacted people from marketing and PR and tried to learn something there. But was not much helpful. This company requires you to prove your worth to get some work.

At this point, I want to mention about the two amazing friends I made at this office. One of my college friends was an ex-LTTS. He made me meet one of his friend. This friend became my friend for lunch and tea. She was not just there for me for lunch and tea but when I went with her she made me meet another of her friend she does lunch with. There started the memory I am taking with me. These two have been my companions throughout these two months. They have been my support system, my gossip friends, my helping hands and someone I will always owe for life. They welcomed me with open hearts. They never felt that I interfered in their privacy or was a burden to them. They are those people for whom I will join even a salon. I can’t thank them enough.

Getting back to my mentor, he came back from his leaves and I was a different person altogether. One month was about to be finished and I became more independent and more aware of the culture at this company. From there onwards, I started working on my primary goal. Through the first two weeks, I created work that sometimes approved and sometimes rejected straightly. Even my midreview went really bad. HR started bashing me that I don’t even know my problem statement. Now, what should I say, I am new at this.

But now in my third week of last month, I can assure you, I am never going to forget this experience. I am so lucky to meet my mentor, two of my best friends and a reporting manager who is so well acquainted with technology that LTTS is scared to lose him. There is no work of technology where he has not contributed. And a plus is that he is also from Delhi and he gets my nature.

I thank everyone to give me this chance to be part of LTTS family! But I just want to give special thanks to my mentor, he has changed my view of bad managers. I left my last company because of my bad manager. But after meeting my mentor, I feel so lucky that I said to him that whichever company you join next year, you take me with you. I feel like every company has something to offer, some want money, some want good culture but all I want is a mentor like P.