‘Competitive spirit in the air’ at IIM Raipur

Life in a B-school is challenging. When I say this I don’t mean you don’t have fun. I have had more fun at IIM Raipur than anywhere else. I won’t disclose all of it because I guess you need to wait for your forbidden fruit. Experience is what stays when everything else fades away and I want you to have a first-hand experience of this life. All I have to quote is that the experience is “sweet”. Anyway, coming back to the challenge one faces in one of the best B-schools of the country is the need to outperform self numerous times and stand up to one’s own expectations. With the best of peers under one roof, your day to day interaction is always engrossing and enlightening. If team-building, adhering deadlines & managing time are your strengths, you surely hold an edge. These adages come from your PODs (point of differences) from others but there is one POP (point of parity) which is pervasive i.e. “Focus”.

Of all the skills you need in the best B-schools,the ability to focus on certain material things and letting go off the relatively less relevant one is the most important one. While attempting CAT you prioritized which questions to attempt first and which to leave. Similarly, with a plethora of options open to you in a top notch B-school like ours, you need to acquire know how about various domains while maintaining focus on one particular aspect. It differs from person to person. You can be a master of many trades too. But, from my own experience here I’ve seen certain people focus on networking, some on skills to build their entrepreneurship ventures, while some play different sports all day while my prime focus is on competitions. Being a marketing enthusiast I took the first few months to gain as much exposure as possible. Clubs and committees, faculty members, knowledge sessions and highly engrossing chat sessions with peers and seniors gave me a widespread vision about what is needed to stand out. There are people who believe participation is important, but I don’t stand on the same boat as they. What do we participate for? To “Win”, isn’t it? Then, why settle for less? But, had winning been so easy, everyone would win. Why do some win while some don’t? Why do some people win even with fewer efforts while others work assiduously hard but are not able to achieve the same outcome? The answer lies in understanding what is expected out of you and not just do your best. There is a difference between doing the right things and doing things right. The second is what this place has helped me master. Only thing you need to posses is an open mind to absorb all the knowledge coming your way and then, obviously channelize the brain to churn it out and process the data to emit excellent results.

The interactions with the quality people at IIM Raipur for sure helped me decipher the winning strategy. I have led 4 different teams here and we have a 100% record as of date. Out of hundreds of applicants who participated in those competitions we made it to the finals of all the competitions we participated in where competitions came from all the prestigious B-schools of the country like IIM A,B,C,L,K,I, XLRI, SP Jain, XIMB, MICA, NITIE, IITs and more. Be it the flagship marketing event at IIM Indore where “Team case-busters” won 1st runner up position or the Pan India print ad competition by XIMB in association with Skoda in which we won the 1st runner up position or The Business Strategy Simulation game of XIMB, IIM Raipur was able to establish its mark always. As I am writing this article today, I am waiting for a result from the case-study round of the flagship marketing event of IIM Calcutta. It gives me immense pride to disclose the fact that IIM Raipur has 2 teams in the Top 15 out of 700 teams that participated for this competition. Definitely, it’s our True Blood. You might wonder that what has the institution to do with the success of the students in the competitions. It’s more of personal skills that make you better than the rest but trust me, the rigorous presentations sessions along with the insightful sessions by the interest groups didn’t just enhance our knowledge but also added to our confidence level. Public speaking is not everyone’s forte but IIM Raipur gives special attention to this. And, when I say special, I mean really special. Every other day, students present on some or the other topic. Be it the interest groups or faculties, everyone adds to the input. Also, when you talk to the best brains of the country and gain varied perspectives about the same problem statement you come up with more innovative solutions. The cases discussed in classes will add on to the perspectives and you will have a real life understanding about solutions which when implemented the right way are assured of giving you an edge over others and the students of IIM Raipur have been proving it time and again. And it’s not just about my team but also about all the other teams from PGP 2015-17 batch who won at IMT Ghaziabad, ISB Hyderabad, XLRI, IIM Indore and made it to the finals at IIM Ahmedabad, who believe that ‘The air at IIM Raipur has a competitive spirit in it’ and it aids our performance when we step out.

Nabankur Ray | PGP 2015-17 | IIM Raipur