Compilation Of Mistakes Before An Entrance Exam

This is a compilation of mistakes what other people have done before their exams. The quickest way to become wise is to learn from the mistakes of others.

PREPARE! Remember that you are giving an exam that can make or break your career. Therefore, it should not be taken lightly. Have a plan and work daily according to it. This is not your school or college exam where you can complete the syllabus by staying up all night. So take it seriously. If you do not, preparing at the last minute could cause more damage than being under prepared.

DRESS UP COMFORTABLY! If you do not, your attention will be diverted towards adjusting your clothes and you would end up losing a lot of precious time. So wear your favourite colour clothes and be comfortable. Breathe easy and focus on the exam.

DON’T FORGET TO CARRY YOUR PEN! A blue/black ball point pen as required for the exam. Check if it writes properly and the ink has not dried up. Also, carry another one for back-up. Don’t go scurrying around the class to borrow a pen from someone else just before your exam. Also, if there is someone who doesn’t have a pen, you can give them yours and save the day!

DON’T FORGET YOUR ADMIT CARD! Not carrying your admit card to your exam is as good as committing a crime! Make sure you print out 2 copies of your admit card. One to carry to the centre and one for future reference. See to it that your photo is clearly visible and all your details are correct. Or else if you prepare well but let’s say, your name is misspelt and you are unaware of it, a whole year’s preparation for the exam can go to waste as they will not allow you to sit for the exam.

LEAVE EARLY, REACH EARLY! Murphy’s Law states that if anything can go wrong, it will. If you leave late for your centre, you will definitely not reach on time. You would then have to search for the floor, classroom, seat etc. for which you would have to run. Running will increase your blood pressure and you’ll end up sweating. This will make you uncomfortable and you’ll end up losing your focus before the most important test of your life. So it is strongly advised to leave early from home and reach your centre early. You would have enough time to search for your centre and find your classroom.

CHECK THE EQUIPMENT! If it’s a paper pencil test like SNAP, check your table/desk is firm and not shaky. See that you are comfortable in your seat. As minor as these things sound, they can divert your attention while solving problems that need your focus the most and you can end up screwing up your exam. If it’s an online test, check the monitor, mouse, keyboard etc. Make sure it is working perfectly fine. If any issues, contact the invigilator in charge.

DO NOT CHEAT! Practice enough before the exam and have faith in yourself. The question papers are different so there’s anyways no scope of cheating from your neighbour. Also, the invigilators are trained to catch the students who cheat. Assume you have managed to cross that barrier also, there are CCTV cameras installed in the classes which you cannot beat. If you are caught, the worst thing that could happen to you is that you will be debarred from writing that examination and a case may be lodged against you.

Follow these rules and crack any entrance exam!