Completing MBA is not our only goal – EcoBiz Club, IIM Shillong

In line of its continuing efforts to serve the society around it the ECoBiZ Club of IIM Shillong organised the 3rd blood donation camp on 22nd February, 2014.

The camp was organised in collaboration with Pasteur Institute, Shillong under the expert medical guidance and care of Dr. Momin and her nursing staff. The students, faculty and the staff members all actively came forward to donate blood. All the donors were filled with a sense of satisfaction and were glad to be a part of this simple act of kindness.

blooddonation camp_insideiim

The ECoBiZ club of IIM Shillong organizes such blood donation camps regularly as one of its many initiatives to support the society around it. Blood donation is a simple act of giving for the young and healthy, but to sick it might a hope of life. It might be possible that someday a mothers tears might not save her child’s life, there family prayers might not save a patient but a bottle of blood from your generous donation just might. It is this realization of being a ray of hope for someone dire need is what drives blood donors. Probably, that’s why we received such an active participation from every one. In all 42 people donated blood during the camp.


The Pasteur Institute and ECoBiZ club was really glad to see such enthusiasm in the students for donating blood and saving a life. The success of this event would not have been possible without the active support and guidance of Prof. Natalie west Kharkongor, the faculty advisor of ECoBiZ Club. The donated blood would be meticulously stored with the Pasteur Institute in proper care of the medical staff. This blood would be prudently used to save the lives of people in dire need of blood in emergency situations. We hope that this priceless donation of all the donors could give many people the gift of life.

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