icons of IIM Indore – Nikhil Kashimpuria – Computer Science, Dancing and CFA!

Nikhilkumar Subhash Kashimpuria, the guy with probably the longest name on our campus. He is the pearl of the eye for almost all the professors because of all the intellectual questions he asks during the class participation (it is a different thing that his class mates pull his leg for the same).




He belongs to a family of stalwarts in finance – his father is the CFO of Morarjee Textiles, one of his brothers is a CA and the other is a financial engineer from the US. Nikhil, the youngest in the family, thought to go another way and planned to do his engineering in computer science but couldn’t resist the family tradition of love for finances and thereby cleared CFA level 2. Here is a small interaction with him.


Why computer science engineering?

I had fared pretty well in my 10th class exams and as per the trends then I thought I should take science. After taking science, you either go for Medical or for Engineering. Medical did not seem to be my cup of tea and the computer science field was surging so I thought of take up computer science engineering and was lucky enough to attain as per my wish. Following this I explored horizons at Infosys and then with a startup.


Why CFA?

I have always been greedy for knowledge; money has never been my goal. I had taken CFA because of my interest towards finance that had been built growing up in the company of experts of finance. As a part of pre-preparation to enter a B-school, I wanted to gain some formal knowledge of Finance, therefore I thought of various options and CFA seemed the best way to prepare for the same.


What pulled you to the Shiamak Davar dance classes?

I had discovered my dancing talent when I had to prepare for one of the family functions and since then it has become a passion. I badly hurt my leg in an accident and had to undergo a series of operations, 2 days after the operation I had my dance troupe performance which I couldn’t attend. That was probably a rough patch I had encountered. I was advised a bed rest of 4 months and an overall recovery period of 12 months. I had no choice but to leave my job in between. This was a big setback for me but with a positive mindset I was determined to use the time in a constructive manner and I decided to take a formal course in Finance. I enrolled myself for the International CFA program and cleared CFA level 1 exam held in Dec 2012 with highest grade in all 10 subjects. Later in June 2013, I successfully cleared CFA level 2. I am off dancing as of now, but will soon be gearing up to get back to it.


What’s next after B-school?

Studies are an ongoing process for me and I shall carry this forward. I have no family pressure to get settled or earn a huge amount. I have my own sense of accomplishing things and I want to carry it forward. I am currently dating my lately discovered love finance and I am preparing for CFA level 3. Also I am preparing myself for my internship at one of the leading investment banks. I am also working hard so that I can attain good grades and apply for a good foreign university for my exchange program. If some day finance does not suffice me, I will like to go for some other domain of study, but will always make sure that I keep enjoying, keep exploring the knowledge that I have around me. Life is too small to take a bite of everything. I have already weaved computers, finance and dance in the chain; I am hoping to add more elements into this chain.

As told to Barleen



Barleen Kaur is currently pursuing her first year PGDM at IIM Indore (Class of 2015). She did her B.Tech degree from GGS Indraprastha University in Computer Science and Engineering and worked as a training manager at a consulting company and also started a coaching center. She has a strong affinity for writing and is an avid orator.

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