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In today’s connected world, businesses across the globe in every sector depend on effectively managing their technology. Information is a key asset of modern businesses which makes Information Management a rapidly emerging field. In my previous company, I was part of Design and Analysis team where I got acquainted with the Information Management. I got intrigued by the art of defining, storing, managing and distributing information to relevant stakeholders within a business. I was interested in learning new ways to exploit the information in order to deliver better services to customers, within inevitable time and budget constraints.

Hence, to add a more strategic level of thinking about information and technology and build those all-important connections between information management and business innovation, I wanted to pursue a graduate program from esteemed institute. I wanted to learn general management principles and understand broader aspects of business operations, through courses and highly experienced faculty of IIM Vishakhapatnam, in the 2 years of post graduate programme.  It would be an immense honor and pleasure to study under Prof. Anirban Ghatak,  Prof. V. Nagadevara, and Prof. Rajendra K Bandi to name a few.

One would also get highly benefited from the institute’s well-equipped knowledge resources, teaching-learning aids, facilities and amenities like Information Technology Club. The institute provides International Immersion program for students which help them to interact with global academia, industry and to get familiarize with international markets, local challenges and opportunities. Also IIM Visakhapatnam has record of 100% annual placements with plenty offers matches that of the older, well-established IIMs. IIM Visakhapatnam does experience the cultural diversity as students from 19 States and Union Territories of India chose the Institute as their alma mater. It would be fascinating experience to interact closely with the talented individuals from all over the country. As one graduate explained in Business Insight magazine,” after what you go through together, the partnerships you forge during your MBA are for life – you can find a business partner, a mentor, a friend, and endless career opportunities.”

Lastly, the clean and beautiful city of Visakhapatnam, also known as ‘The Jewel of East Coast’ and ‘City of Destiny’, which is surrounded by scenic mountain ranges of Eastern Ghats and calm blue seas of Bay of Bengal, promises to be one of the most preferred destinations in India to learn, yearn and earn. All these factors contributed towards choosing IIM Visakhapatnam over other institutes.

Every modern business needs an effective management of technology and information asset. In previous company, I got familiarized with new ways to exploit the information in order to deliver better services to customers. To build connections between information management and business innovation, I would pursue post graduate program in management. After completing the post graduate course I would like to work with one of the companies of the Aditya Birla Group.

The Aditya Birla Group, being a multinational conglomerate, has businesses in multiple sectors, and all these businesses need information and technology management. Hence, I would like to work with any one of the companies. If given choice, then I would prefer working with Idea Cellular Limited. The reason being that the company has bigger data/ information to manage and also has multiple stakeholders of the services. It is the platform where one’s technical as well as managerial skills would be tested. For these reasons I would like to work with Idea Cellular Limited.

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