Conserving Energy…Lets do it the HR way

Being managers and rational individuals it becomes imperative or should we say a prerequisite to be efficient and prudent enough such that energy is conserved in the defined form that we think of – electricity, fossils, nuclear, hydro, and even renewable energies. Saving over a passage of time can equate to producing. But as important it is to nurture and save these, equally important is to look at the abstract form of energy present in human resources that needs to be channelized from getting lost.

An individual’s actions and energies are divided and devoted among professional and personal halves. Energy loss of human capital can be attributed to various reasons. To work smart and not hard then, is an outcome of not just choice but factors such as workplace incentives, enthusiasm and spontaneous alertness to one’s surrounding along with extent of sensitivity to change happening around.

Often unplanned action leads to duplication of work and execution of unnecessary commuting. Micromanagement and multitasking give rise to procrastination due to exhaustion and failure to effectively manage diversions. Frequently overthinking unnecessarily about past or future can emotionally drain an individual increasing the errors which may be way more costly than not executing the action at all. Communication gaps amidst hostility and work monotony accelerates leakage of resources in the backdrop of indifferent attitudes. Documenting procedures excessively results in the main focal points of any work getting lost. Saving resources and productive energies are closely linked to personnel and their work-style. Initiatives like Google’s POPS and PiLab (people’s operation & people and innovation lab) have provided commendable yields and answers to keep the people charged up. While technology is needed for synchronisation in work it must not be allowed to diminish our mental energy. One should indulge in activities that give a sound purpose boosting the energy of the spirit. Such productive harvesting of human energies will automatically have fantastic effects on their working styles and the way they use their own resources and an organisations resources. The positive effect between people and energy savings may seem too implicit but it is certainly not small.

Pic Credit: ; Gerd Altmann from Freiburg, Deutschland


Kabir Jain