Consulting Interest Group at SPJIMR

Consulting Interest Group (CIG)


Everything big at present, has in its roots a humble beginning. CIG, similarly, had at its inception, a real humble beginning, as it started as an informal group to collaborate and learn with those, who had a proclivity to pursue a career in consulting. Apart from a palpable level of excitement upon the mention of any big consulting firms, the batch, which was a mix of people with varied backgrounds of work experience and fresher, were not totally aware of the prevailing environment and dynamics of the consulting industry. The CIG, hence, was a forum for the batch to tap into the rich work experience of those who had prior consulting experience and it served as an opportunity to clear the air on the prevailing misconceptions. Also, a forum was needed, which could help a student to acquire the skill sets necessary and to acquaint himself with the thought process typical of a consultant.


The CIG was formed with a size of about 60, at its inception and its current tally stands at 84. The first level of activity in the CIG was targeted around solving a typical consulting case. The consulting cases are circulated amongst the CIG and a deadline given for them to submit their approaches. The submissions, which are done in a group of 3, are then evaluated by the professor of consulting committee and his expert opinion on each submission is obtained. Finally the best approach from the submissions is used to expound to the whole CIG, in a meet, the way for approaching the case. The CIG meets are usually driven by the group, whose approach was selected as the best for a given case.

The CIG, with its activities has generated a renewed interest in the field of consulting, amongst the batch, and it’s already promising to be best student driven, voluntary forum imparting great value for those seeking a career in consulting.