In Conversation With Manoj Murali, VP – Marketing, Airtel Bharati Limited

I interacted with the VP of Marketing, named Manoj Murali of Airtel Bharati Limited. I interacted with him at the time of Airtel iCreate 2018 national final. I made a connection with him on LinkedIn and WhatsApp. As we solved the Marketing case on that competition and as he was in the panel, he remembered me. I asked him several question for this competition as following:

One incident from your time in college/b-school that helped shape your professional life?

Manoj Sir replied about his class discussion and how the class participation helped him to become extrovert to an introvert. Also, he told about the Marketing concept he learned and how to use that concept in real life scenario. He also explained how participation in class discussion helped to convert the final placement interview.

One passion of yours that helps you become better at your mainline career?

In his MBA life, he always loved to read various articles and keep himself to up-to-date. He told that his passion was to read books and news articles. He also explained this passion also helped him to know about the outside world and trending technologies. he also loved to relate various marketing concept with the trending technologies at that time.

When you are looking for people in your team, apart from specific skills, what kind of attitudes and approaches do you look for in candidates?

He replied that the recruitment process for his team depends on the knowledge the candidate has, communication skill, ability to learns and interpersonal skills like- how the candidate reacts to a tough situation, how he behaves at the time of group discussion etc.

Interacting with him I understood that, we always need to keep reading on various topics in the world and try to relate those things to our daily learning. Also, we should keep participating in various corporate competition to test our knowledge base and thinking ability. The last one I learnt from him that for getting a good job from campus, not only depends on your knowledge but also on your soft skills and attitude.