How To Crack The CAT Even If You Are Not An Engineer

There is a widely believed misconception among Non-Engineers with regard to CAT. Most of them believe that Engineers are much better equipped to crack CAT. Fundamentally, this thought process alone can be the biggest demotivating factor for an aspirant. If you have already convinced yourself that your competitor is better than you, then you can’t compete with them.

More often than not the biggest deterrent for Non-Engineers is the Quant section. But the fact is that anyone can do just as well in it. The reason why engineers seem to be more at ease with quant is that they have been dealing with numerical all throughout their graduation. Hence, it is understandable that they feel more comfortable with it. It also sheds light on the fact that with practice and making yourself more familiar with the type of questions, everyone stands an equal chance to crack the Quant section. So, as you are getting ready to face CAT, its time to believe in the efforts that you have put in and dispel all myths. In short, what non-engineers need to develop is, firstly, a sense of belief that they can crack CAT and secondly, the right approach towards solving the questions. Over the years, we can see a steady rise in the number of Non-Engineers making the final cut into IIMs. So, remember that CAT is not designed in such a way that there is any great advantage for engineers. If you go with the right attitude and the right methods everyone has an equal chance of acing it.

The most encouraging news for Non-Engineers is that the premier MBA institutes in the country including IIMs are tweaking their admission policy to include more non-engineers in the classrooms. While it still holds true that about 85% of the seats in IIM is filled by engineers, conscious efforts are being made to increase the diversity of students.  These efforts include bringing changes in CAT exam pattern and also by giving certain weightage benefits to non-engineering students at the stage of the interview. So if you are a Non-Engineer wondering whether CAT is for you, pull up your socks, be confident about your skills and have a real go at CAT.