How To Crack IIM Interview – Aayush Jain, PGP Participant, IIM Indore

Date – 12th February 2018

Venue – Vivanta by Taj, Dwarka, Delhi

Slot – 8:00 am

CAT percentile – 99.29

10th/12th/B.Tech(ECE) – 95/93.8/69.31 GEM fresher

WAT topic – Is it better for old people to live in retirement homes which are far away from cities and in quieter areas. Do advantages of living in retirement homes outweigh the disadvantages?

Time limit for WAT was 30 min and word limit 300 words.

My interview was the last one in my panel. There were 3 panelists, two males and one female, all in their 40s. Let’s call them M1, M2, F, sitting in the order M1, F, M2. I’ll label myself as A.

F : Give an introduction of yourself.

A: Told them about my stream, college and my internship. Just touched 2 extra-curricular activities.

M2 : Gives me a paper and pencil. Draw the plot of <span data-mathml=’xy=1′ tabindex=”0″>xy=1xy=1.

I drew it correctly.

M2 : What is the name given to such kind of curves?

A : I don’t know sir, but this curve has got asymptotes, so they might be called asymptotic curves but I am not sure.

M1 : What is the project you are doing?

A : Told him everything about it.

M1 : So tell me, how does the regulator of a fan works.

A (stumped) : I really don’t know sir.

M1 : If you had to build a regulator, how would you have made it?

A : Sir, for 5 different rotation speeds, I would provide 5 connections, and while rotating the regulator it would switch to one of the connections.

M1 : Rotating objects vibrate. How are the vibrations in the fan stopped?

A( Thinking what the hell has he asked! ) : Sir a component can be used which can cancel out the frequency of the fan.

M1 : What is the name of that device?

A : I don’t know sir.

M1 is done and now it’s M2’s turn

M2 : So do you follow current affairs?

A : Yes sir I do.

M2 : So what do you follow, like politics etc.

A : Sir I follow politics, international news as well as sports news.

M2 : Tell me some recent international news.

A : Sir North Korea and South Korea will go out under the same flag in the Winter Olympics March and Kim Jong Un has even invited South Korea’s president for talks.

M2 : Where are the Winter Olympics happening?

A : In Pyeongchang in South Korea.

M2 : No no, when will they take place? (I actually heard where)

A : Sir they started 2 days ago.

M2 : What is happening in the Maldives?

A : Sir the government there has declared emergency, and President Yameen sent troops to Supreme Court to stop the release of political prisoners, which Supreme Court had ordered.

M2 : Why should India be concerned about it?

A : Sir Maldives lies in India’s neighborhood and there is also a risk of China becoming a threat there.

M2 : What can happen even if China is present there?

A : Sir China is very aggressive and is increasing its presence around India. China has land disputes with every country it shares its border with. It has also got the Hambontota port in Sri Lanka. So it can be a security threat to India.

F : Does China claim any territory in India?

A : It raises concerns over Arunachal Pradesh. Also, a part of PoK was given to China. So that is also our territory.

F : What are your other interests?

A : Mam I like to read about space and time.

F : So you must be a big fan of Elon Musk?

A : Yes Ma’am

F : Speak about him.

Told her about Tesla Motors, Solar City and SpaceX.

F : What is the latest on it?

Told her everything about Musk’s plan to colonise Mars and that he has sent a car in space.

F : Artificial Intelligence will be dangerous for the human race. Take 30 seconds to think and then speak for 90 seconds.

I started after 5–6 secs and said that I disagree with this. Spoke at length about AI and its recent milestones and also some potential threats which could be avoided.

Then they looked at each other and said we are done, Thank you

A: Thank you.

Result – Converted!

IIM Indore

This article is published by Media and PR Committee, IIM Indore