How To Crack An IIM Interview – Srishti Wahie, IIM Indore PGP Participant


10th – 10 CGPA

12th – 93.2% – 82.3%

CAT percentile – 93.2

IIM interviews are the most comprehensive interviews I’ve ever attended. Their panellists ensure to do justice to the meaning of the word interview by testing probably every aspect of a candidate be it academic, technical, GK, communication skills or personality related.

IIM Indore interview experience at Vivanta by Taj, Dwarka, New Delhi on 14th February, 2018. (2pm slot)

Before Personal Interview, there was Written-Ability-Test (WAT).

There were three male panellists, let’s refer to them as P1, P2 and P3.

P1: Announced my name and asked me to come in.

Me: Good afternoon, everyone!

(All nodded, signalled me to take the seat)

P2: Srishti, tell us about yourself in 90 secs and do mention something that can help us remember you for long.

Me: Started with my current position and company, moving to my graduation, followed by 12th and 10th, mentioned academic achievements and extra-curricular involvements. In the end, told about poetry as my hobby and mentioned my poetry blog.

P1: Fair enough, so Srishti you’re from Biotechnology, you must have studied Biosensors, can you please explain that to us?

Me: Explained Biosensors, their main components, working principle and different types. Took the example of Glucose biosensor to explain in detail.

P1: Okay, can you please tell what are GM or transgenic crops?

I: Explained.

P1: Give an example of GM crop commercially available in India and tell us about methods used to produce GM crops.

I: BT cotton, explained three methodologies by which it can be produced. Also, elaborated on how the genetic modification prevents the crop from boll-worm attack.

P1: You know about Transplantation?

I: Yes sir, told. Explained the types of grafts used and risks and benefits associated.

P1: Do you know about Stem Cells?

I: Yes sir, defined, explained their properties and types.

P1: Why do we use stem cells?

I: Explained Graft Versus Host Disease and how stem cells reduce its risk.

P1: Tell us something about IVF.

I: Explained IVF and how it works.

P1: (smiling) Very nice! I’m done.

P2: Okay Srishti, I’ll ask you a few one-word answer type questions. Let’s try and keep it quick.

I: Sure, sir!

P2: Who is the father of Genetics?

I: Gregor Mendel

P2: Which is the famous virus whose name is taken from African jungles?

I: Zica Virus

P2: Who was the first test tube baby?

I: Umm, I don’t know.

P2: Which company produces BT cotton seeds in India?

I: Monsanto and Mahyco

P2: Which is the neighbouring country from which India has adopted the Happiness Index?

I: (in a very low voice) Bhutan

P2: Yes, yes, it’s Bhutan you’re right. Which Indian state adopted it the first?

I: Madhya Pradesh

P2: Which city in the Middle East is a house to three different religious communities and under conflict?

I: Jerusalem

P2: Can you name those communities?

I: Arabs, Jews and Christians.

P2: You know about ______ agreement? (sorry, forgot its name)

I: Sorry sir, but I don’t.

P2: Okay, it was the one after which Israel-Palestine issue started.

I: Okay, sir.

P2: What is White Revolution? Who was the father of the White Revolution?

I: Sir, the White Revolution helped increase milk production to make India self-sufficient in producing milk. Sir, I don’t know the father of white revolution but know that for Green Revolution.

P2: Okay, tell that.

I: Sir, MS Swaminathan in India and Norman Borlaug otherwise.

P2: Nice, try guessing for Milk Revolution.

I: Sir, I know it was the founder of Amul but unable to recall the name.

P2: It was Verghese Kurien.

I: Okay sir, will keep this in mind.

P2: Which country is the venue for the Winter Olympics?

I: Umm, sorry sir, not much into sports. But I’ll start reading the highlights of the Sports section.

P2: (smiling) Okay. I’m done.

P3: Can you explain GST?

I: Sure, explained that and the tax slabs and examples of two items in each slab.

P2: Petroleum is under which slab?

I: Sir, petroleum isn’t covered under the purview of GST.

P3: What is the fiscal deficit?

I: Explained.

P3: What’s revenue deficit?

I: Sorry sir, but I don’t know.

P3: What is LTCG?

I: Explained.

P3: Ten union budget highlights?

I: Told.

P3: How did Trump exacerbate Israel-Palestine conflict?

I: Told about Trump’s announcement to shift US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.

P3: What is Bitcoin? What is cryptocurrency? Some other examples of cryptocurrency?

I: Answered.

P2: Okay now, Srishti you’ve 90 secs and you’ve to give your opinion on “The usage of GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms”

I: Sir, Genetically Modified plants and animals both?

P2: Well, any one would’ve sufficed but if you can cover both within the time limit, I’ll be more than happy.

I: Sure, sir!

P2: 1, 2, 3 and start.

I: Explained the pros and cons for both GM crops and animals and wrapped up within the given time.

P1 and P2: Both smiling, it was a really great experience, Srishti! Very nice!

I: Thank you so much!

P3: We’re done, thanks!

(I got up and turned around)

P2: What’s going on outside, what are you guys discussing?

I: (smiling) Sir, people are sharing their interview experiences.

P2: So, is the discussion fruitful? Helped you?

I: (laughing) Sir, I’m the only one from Biotechnology among the students waiting outside, so I didn’t expect much information from them. Also, we all know that you’ve an ample number of questions for each and every candidate waiting outside, so no chances of repetitive questions.

(All three laugh)

P2: Okay, ask the next candidate to be ready, we’ll be calling him/her in a minute.

I: Sure!

Verdict – Converted and joined. 🙂

IIM Indore

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