On Cracking IIM Interviews And Campus Life At IIM Kozhikode

Shortlists are going to come out left, right, and center. In filling forms for the same to deciding which interviews to go for, one important thing that usually gets missed is the actual preparation for the interview. To help you with this, we have Akshay and Sanjeeth Baliga, two IIM Kozhikode students throwing some light on how to prepare for IIM K interviews specifically and the campus life at IIM Kozhikode. With a good CAT percentile, comes great responsibility. A responsibility to do well in your interviews. All the months of preparation will amount to nothing if you don’t ace your b-school interview the way you aced CAT. The fight is not over yet and we are here to gear you up with the ammunition you need to get into a b-school this year. Join this live webinar at 7 pm and ask all your doubts.


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