On Cracking NITIE Interview – Avneet Kaur

Getting a good CAT score is definitely an achievement resulting from yearlong perseverance. But this sense of fulfilment should not ruin one’s chances of getting their dream B-School. Yes, you are half-way through your journey, and it’s time to prove your mettle in GD/PI process.

Having been in the same position a year ago, let me share my own experience.

When I was preparing for my GD/PI rounds of the admission process, I enjoyed reading the interview experiences of candidates. They gave an idea about how a B-School interview process goes. What can be the touch-up points? How a simple hobby can make a conspicuous difference which would lead the interviewer to probe-in more?

In my case, the ice breaker was the meaning of my name which further set the tone of my interview.

So, let me walk you through my PI journey at NITIE quickly, which can help you with some takeaway points.

March 29, 2018

As I entered the room, there were three members (rather I would say veterans of their respective fields) in the panel. Two females (F1 in her early 50s and F2 in late 30s) and one male (M, probably in 50s).

There was one chair and one desk kept at some distance from the panel with one paper and pen (do keep a pen and a paper on a safer side).

I wished them a good afternoon and they asked me to take a seat.

F1: Let’s get started. Tell us something about yourself.

(“I have prepared for this answer numerous times, I can totally nail this.” But, I was interrupted at my name. Such interruptions are expected. I didn’t say anything about my selling points.)

Me: Ma’am, My name is Avneet Kaur–

M (looking at my application): Avneet, is it?

Me: Yes, sir

M: What does your name mean?

Me: Sir, it means being modest.

F1: Do you live up to your name Avneet?

Me: Yes ma’am.

F1: Then give us an example of that.

(I was prepared to reply in the worst case but wasn’t prepared for creating my name as my USP. I quickly recalled an incident from my past and presented it in a chronological structure. They were convinced with it.  (Answer STRUCTURE does matter.))

F1: But this tells us more about your honesty, not modesty.

Me: Ma’am, Modesty means you don’t let pride take over you. I don’t let pride come in the way of my day-to-day conduct.

M: Since you’re from Punjab I am tempted to ask you how true the depiction of drugs abuse in the movie Udta Punjab is?

Me: Sir, Punjab is definitely caught up in drug menace, but some figures reported in the movie like 70% of Punjab youth is into regular drug abuse are incorrect. This situation can be said true for some areas, but not for the whole of Punjab. They have exaggerated the depiction of Drug use to suit commercial needs.

M: But there is a significant drug problem…

Me: Yes, sir. It’s not something that can be ignored.

M: So, how does this issue escalate to this height?

Me: Sir, the source of drugs coming into Punjab is mainly through the border shared with other nations. The reason can be political to some extent. (I further gave some examples to substantiate my points.)

M: Then what is police doing about it?

Me: Sir, there are many steps taken by the Government as well as Police to curb this. The DGP has made a special wing to curb the drug problem. The raid that I mentioned before had been done by this task-force only. Also, Government has taken up the initiative to build multiple drug rehabilitation centres in every district.

M: Okay, Give me names of two prominent DGPs of Punjab.

Me: Answered

*further discussion happened about their contribution*

F1: Okay, Avneet. You are an electrical engineer. What kind of motor is used in a fan?

Me: Single-phase Induction Motor.

F1: Why not three phase? What is the difference between three-phase and single-phase induction motor? Where is three phase motor used?

Me: *I explained the working principles of these motors and their use*

F2: Why are you interested in MBA if you are good at engineering? Why not M.Tech?

Me: Ma’am, that’s because my passion lies in managing resources. I have a logical bent of mind, that’s why engineering, as well as management, suit me, and with the help of NITIE, I want to become a Techno-manager. NITIE is the only B-School in the country which can serve this purpose.

F2: Do you know what NITIE is famous for?

Me: Yes ma’am, NITIE is known as the Mecca of Operations Management. But, the alumni of NITIE are outperforming in other fields like Consulting, Finance, IT, etc. as well. As mentioned in the placement reports, NITIE has seen a significant percentage of placements in Consulting, IT analytics, BFSI, etc. Being situated in the heart of Mumbai, it attracts industries from every sector.

F2: What is Operations Management?

Me: Operations management deals with managing all the activities in the process of making of a product; from sourcing of raw materials to the last mile delivery to the customer. The management of reverse logistics also falls in the operations management.

M: Alright Avneet, do you have any questions for us?

Me: Not at the moment sir. Once I am in college, I surely will have plenty.

Interview ends

Later on, I got confirmation of my admission. Yes! It was NITIE Mumbai. The sense of happiness and relief was unparalleled. Now, I am in the league of NITIEzens, at God’s own campus.

In a nutshell, I would suggest you follow the below-mentioned sources to prepare:

1. HR questions for PI (Google question set)

2. Current affairs (Indian Express and YouTube channel- Studyiq)

3. Wikipedia – About MBA college, B.Tech college, working company, details of your work, city, State and other relevant information.

4. Why MBA – Try to link your answer with your branch of engineering and work experience if possible, try to relate how MBA will act as a bridge to your goals (change of career- this answer can backfire)

5. Be thorough with your work experience and have basic knowledge of your branch

6. If possible write one WAT topic daily

7. Give maximum mock interviews




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Avneet Kaur

Hello Ketan,
I am a Fresher and my profile is
10th- 93%
12th- 84%
B.Tech- 82%
CAT Score was 97.42 percentile with sectionals above 92. NITIE has cut-off for sectional percentile which generally remains above 90.
GD topic was “Do NGOs in India Really Work for Others OR Work for their Own Vested Interests?”
I hope it answers your query.