My Crazy Batchmates – Aartika Vineet, IIM Udaipur

It’s only been a couple of days since I’ve been a part of the IIM Udaipur family. In this short duration, from the few people I’ve met I’d like to introduce some of my crazy batch mates.

  • Siddharth Sharma – A boy who looks like 20 years old but is actually 26. He is a great guy with a child within himself. A boy hailing from Mumbai, with always a sense of innocence on his face but sometimes going crazy which is hard to believe about this child looking guy. A teacher by profession, a blogger and a writer who has many experiences in life are great to be with. A man who is just like BBC, always curious to know what’s happening around IIMU and making us aware about the latest happenings around the corner. His questionable nature can make anyone mad while looking for the most difficult questions he asks for. A truly dedicated and a passionate person who never stops and keeps himself busy in trying new things.
  • Shreya Bhawna Toppo – A die-hard Bollywood fun who can mimic any actor at any time. When she sings the people around can gather and listen to her for a long time. Believe me, she can be our next Lata Mangeshkar. When she starts laughing, that is the best thing to see because it actually makes you laugh without a reason. A pious soul.
  • Aleeza Shaikh – A girl with a positive attitude and a smile on her face always. This girl can sing and dance anywhere in any corner without bothering about anyone. The sense of humour instilled in her it is at par and can make anyone laugh for hours and hours. If you get annoyed by her sense of humour, use a dog as a weapon to get rid of her. And here, I mean an actual dog. She is an experienced person in life who can teach you multiple things at times which will always keep on motivating you and never losing hope in life. To be with her, life is never going to be boring.
  • Tilak Kasoju – This man’s story can make anyone laugh for several minutes. One day while introducing ourselves to a class, someone asked him what the most unique thing about you is. And the reply that we got was unimaginable which made us laugh for a long time. He said- I was born in a hospital located at road Tilak in Tilak Nagar and that’s how my parents named me as Tilak. A lanky fellow with always a positive attitude and never get stressed. He is the one who keeps on smiling whatever the situation may be and a helper by nature too. The basketball man who actually never played basketball in his life before coming here plays good which leaves others awestricken.

The ABG company I’d like to work with:

I would like to be a part of Pantaloons because it is India’s No 1 fashion entity and has a wide range of products available for all the age groups which are liked by every individual. As in the future, I am interested in entering the domain of marketing, therefore, the joining ABGL fashion and retail industry will give a lot of exposure in the current industry. Pantaloons marketing strategy has always attracted me and its association with multiple apparel brands making people to associate themselves. If given an opportunity I would like to work with them in the future.

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