Our Crazy Batchmates – IIM Kashipur – Raghav Bansal

Syed Zaid Ali: Having attempted the Infosys life, being Beckham / Al Pacino, Syed Zaid Ali has joined IIM Kashipur for what he believes is his true calling, understanding how excellent operations and HR practices combined with Analytics can help an office become a home. A devout Muslim, his most prized possession is his Himalaya while his favorite activity is Jumme ki namaz. Do not judge him too harshly after noticing a self-proclaimed Manchester United fan fall asleep during last 10 minutes of a nail-biting game, or over his poor grades or simply because he, in sheer jubilation, kicked someone so hard that it caused a hairline fracture;  spend some time with him to appreciate his role as a personal Urdu translator, as someone who dauntlessly  answers the professors in their own voice   or how shyly and humbly he would wrap a INR 500 note in a INR 20  note  while handing it to a needy.

Rithvik Yalamanchili: In a world filled with millennials who can’t read more than 2 sentences in a go, Rithvik Yalamanchali often spends hours in a stretch reading …. defense deals. Not about the deals, but the deals themselves.  Do not assume he is crazy. Know that he sleeps in a sleeping bag, eats ice cream for lunch every day, hits and pinches random people and then decide. Do not assume he is a nerd. Know that he is 6’2″ and is afraid of lizards but not snakes, can speak in 6 languages including Dothraki, is a go-to person for foreign affairs and then decide. Don’t assume he is a pretentious rude douche. Know that he chats up with random kids, brings gifts when invited to a party and then decide. 

Keshav Agarwal: To sum up 90% of Keshav in a sentence would be to call him a worshipper of entrepreneurs like Jeff Bezos, Sam Walton, Ritesh Agrawal. Often found floating in chips, coke and illegible lines of code, the stress and anger management life hacks of Keshav range from Old Monk to burning matchsticks. Often found raising slogans such as “May the force be with you”, his fitness routine includes picking up a bottle from the fridge to chasing mosquitoes. Often found reviewing management policies of big companies, his vision for the future ranges from a mosquito free world to omnipresence of fourth industrial revolution.  While you and I can agree that this is not a crazy profile, Steve Jobs and I believe that people who are crazy enough to believe they can change the world are the ones who do. Keshav surely belongs to that tribe.

Amit Kumar Agarwal: It is hard to be an anti-hero in an IIM where popularity is the quintessence of survival. ‘You need to be better’ is not easy to accept and digest.   Amit Agrawal has mastered these unlikely arts and has successfully waded through his MBA degree so far, without forged friendships and emotions. It has been hard for many to understand why he doesn’t attempt to be charming, funny and genuine while it has been hard for Amit to understand why most people try to be, so desperately. For someone who lets numbers validate his decisions, for someone who is stubborn against most feared professors, for someone who has an unflinching faith in the supremacy of logic ‘crazy’ would be fitting as well as a derogatory word.                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Which ABG company would I want to work for and why?

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IIM Kashipur Placement Committee

Placement Committee, IIM Kashipur