Crazy Batchmates At IIM Trichy!!

Following are some of my crazy batchmates

Sri Krithika

Position of responsibility: Core Member- International Relations committee, Persona- HR & OB Club of IIM Trichy

One of the brightest minds in the college and popularly known as “the foodie”. A die-hard Harry Potter fan, she probably would have been more excited and happy to receive Hogwarts letter than the IIM calls. “Hi, my name is Krithika and J.K Rowling replied to my tweet” is her introduction line. She is an avid reader and probably would have read more fiction books than her subject books. She is a twitterati and can be seen voicing almost all her opinions on this platform. This species is an avid reader and can be found buried in Kindle.


Nitin Jagannathan

Position of responsibility: Core Member- Merchandise and Retail club of IIM Trichy

Future “McKinsey employee”. Hard core consulting and strategy guy. The number of courses and certifications he has completed would probably cross the time period of his formal education. The first word he would probably utter post waking up is “Strategy”. But still interested and well-versed in Finance and IT which can be seen in the way he handles his numbers and the way he raises his hand far above the ceiling level in the IT courses. A Title that would suit him is “Master of all, Jack of none.” You can find him in the library preparing for competitions.


Vijay Chauhan

Position of responsibility: Core Member- Sports Committee

He is a hard-core sports enthusiast and one of the best badminton players on campus. A crazy dancer who can be seen from his IIT- Hyderabad days. One of the most hard-working persons in the batch. He loves to play in spite of breaking his legs multiple times. Sangram is his breath, and Sportscomm is his sacred place. He is a fun-loving, free-spirited person and he is mostly spotted pulling people’s legs. He is also a district level chess player. He enjoys playing hockey, football, table-tennis and kho-kho as well.


Tanuj Kar

Position of responsibility: Entertainer

And here comes the craziest profile of the batch. He is tagged as “All- rounder” of the batch. This guy is good at giving an inferiority complex to the entire batch. He excels in everything, starting from singing, to dancing, to playing and drama and he is like “you name it, I got it”. He is a star singer who aced Despactio and an excellent artist who won the best actor “Dramebaaz award” given by Arts club of IIM Trichy. And not to mention he is also interested in sports and is a crazy football fan who plays well. He can sing in 8 different languages. He won the “IIMT idol” given for best singer in the campus. He acted in a Bengali movie “D Major” which was officially selected in multiple international film festivals. He won the second prize in IPL auction strategy conducted by IIT Bombay. He finished as the 7th best newcomer in Indian sudoku league-2016.


Which ABG company would you want to work for and why?

I wish to work in the Fashion and Retail sector of Aditya Birla Group because of the connection I have with their brands like Louis Philippe, Peter England, Allen Solly etc. When I think of business formals, these are the brands that come to my mind, and I still remember my first Allen Solly Shirt and bag which I bought. The association I have with these brands have inspired me to show interest in the retail arm of Aditya Birla Group of companies.

This article is written by Nisha P – Class of 2019

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