Crazy Batchmates At IIM Trichy

Introduce some of your crazy batch-mates?

19 June 2018, 2 pm. I had a call from IIM Trichy. The waitlist had finally been converted. There were no second thoughts on joining the institute except the food concerns. I eat Jain food.  Confirmed it with a senior there and I was all ready to go.

Now, imagine a 21 year old leaving her house , her city for the first time ever and so far (P.S : No, not getting married.) And so so far and not knowing a single person there. I had lost so much sleep in that week when I was leaving- leaving my family, friends, home to a totally new place knowing no soul there. But like I said , I had no second thoughts on joining. Gathered all the courage that I had and left Mumbai to my new city of dreams!

I fell in love with Trichy the moment the airplane landed. The winds, the space and no tall buildings ( Mumbai has so many, you can hardly see space or trees) When I left I obviously thought I am going to have a difficult first month knowing nobody in a whole new space.

Well, I was wrong, I found these ladies on Day 1, and we’ve been together since.(P.S :My best friend from Mumbai, Aneri  has her insecurities so high now!!)

Sneha Nandan, my neighbour, the first person I talked to, Keralaite from Madhya Pradesh, she loves her cat. I mean you know you have found a crazy friend when she says she misses her cats more than she misses food.(No, we are given food here, but you obviously miss the masala at time-funny when it comes from a Jain :P) I was so impressed with the connect that this lady had. ( Definitely some Politian from M.P, I thought, How could one possibly know everybody on day one? Superskills!)

That is how I met the other Sneha, ( She will be so offended when she reads the “other” before her name!) We call her More, yes with that echo sound, More-re-re. from Nashik makes me feel home with all that Marathi she speaks! Never seen a more lively person or someone who is proud to sleep in class. I mean we all do but taking pride in it is a different kind of game altogether.

And then Aishwarya, the South Indian, with that accent, ( She gets so annoyed when we tell her she should know Tamil , she is a Telugu, because everything is just the same. I mean it sounds the same, doesn’t it?) Have you ever met a person who can make songs out of anything? You are in the mess eating-she will sing, you are in the shower trying hard to shoo your sleep for the 8.30am class- she comes in the next shower starts singing, she comes to call you for a class- opens your door, starts singing.

Shavy, before I met her I really thought god has definitely played with my stars somewhere to make his life a little interesting , I mean I used to fall and bang my head , the clumsy one. But this lady she changed my belief. She has taken the sole responsibility to take all the wrong that happens on her, then be it using turmeric as a facepack or banging her head on the same door twice at the same time or being caught in the class sleeping when even everybody else is 😛

Ankita, I met her a little late, thanks to the group project we had where we found the perfect team. So jolly and full of life and mind you she is rich, coming right from the royalties of Rajasthan, I mean what else could a Poddar be?:P   but honestly she is the sweetest person I have ever met. Her smile brightens up your day, really! And if you need a chariot service sometime, do tell me , this royalty friend of mine will definitely provide it !!

So these are my batchmates. My fear of the difficult first month is definitely dead. I mean I have found an entire India at this beautiful campus. What more could one ask for? A cheesy pizza maybe 😛

Which ABG company would you want to work for and why?

Any job can provide an individual with three things.


Financial returns.


A job with the balance of all the three with your interest (mine being finance). I think Aditya Birla Capital would provide me with the opportunity to maintain a balance in all the three and excel in finance.

This article is written by Aditi Shah- Class of 2020.

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