A Cultural Heritage: IIM Trichy

What makes IIM Trichy unique?

“Knowledge is endless” is a motto that strongly governs IIM Tiruchirappalli. Tiruchirappalli (Trichy) is located on the banks of the river Cauvery and is one of the most reputed temple cities in the country. It is currently one of the most happening urban centers in the southern state of Tamil Nadu. The city being one of the oldest cities in the state of Tamil Nadu, it has come a long way. The incredible journey of Trichy is nothing short of a 360-degree turnaround and is currently regarded as a booming commercial center. Trichy is home to various temples and it houses one of the largest temples in the world, ‘Sri Ranganathan Swamy’ temple which has the largest temple tower (Gopuram). The city is a paradise for tourists who are especially interested in visiting the various temples of the older days. The city is a fine blend of tradition and modernity and the architecture of various homes built in the olden days are still preserved. Trichy is also home to a number of scholars and world leaders. One of India’s greatest minds, Sir CV Raman is rightfully of Trichy to the world. He was awarded the Nobel Prize for physics in 1930 for his scientific phenomena, ‘The Raman Effect’.

IIM Trichy, I believe is nothing short of brilliance. The state of the art campus with few facilities is ready to be filled with big talents and big ideas. The campus is not a backdrop but a foreground of the future. The college focuses more on learning from simulations and experiential learning. The college also houses some of the top faculties in the country wherein the quality of the student-teacher learning is never compromised. Business today goes beyond national boundaries and today’s world needs managers who can think global and IIM Trichy has clearly thought it through. They host students from abroad for various student exchange programs and students from IIM Trichy also travel for various student exchange programs. The college also hosts an ‘International Week’ wherein faculties from various countries abroad conduct classes at IIM Trichy. The course also involves industry experts to deliver sessions as part of courses and share the knowledge of their industry and practice. Well, these are clear signs of a college looking to really build an empire in the country.

Which Aditya Birla Group company would you want to work for and why?

My name is Vignesh Shanmugam and I hail from Chennai. Having a considerable amount of experience in Amazon, India where I started off my career in the retail division as a ‘Catalog Associate’. I was part of the Vendor Management team which handled vendors across the US and supported them with their catalog. I believe this rich experience would entail me to work for Aditya Birla’s retail division and thereby work towards the growth of the company. I believe the learning would be enormous and any opportunity I get to showcase my talent, I am confident that I would put my best foot forward.

IIM Trichy Placement Team

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