The Culture At IIM Raipur Makes It Unique – Gaurav Choudhary

I have often wondered what makes an institute different. Why is it that the colleges offering similar courses have enormously different cultures? How did that culture come about? It was only when I came to IIM Raipur that I realized that the man you are, depends on the child you were. This is true for anything and anyone that evolves over time. The culture of any institute depends on the circumstances during the initial years of its establishment.

During my year here I have seen the culture evolve with each passing day and it is only in retrospect that I can put this together. The day I came here one could see the people cribbing about the lack of facilities and to some extent privacy. Everything was shared and common. It seemed a place of which Marx would be proud. The state of affairs annoyed a few, saddened others while some were indifferent. But soon the session would start and we would experience the jam-packed schedule to its fullest extent. A few days pass. The living conditions which seemed egregious once had now become familiar. But the dreams of moving on to a new campus were always in our heads. It seemed to be a temporary state of affairs where the greener grass awaits us. And so the days passed. While everything would seem to be as it had been; something had changed. The rumours of not moving to a new campus were no longer met with despair and annoyance but a silent and subtle sigh. The place had grown on us, everything that seemed lacking when we came here gave us something else in return. The common ownership of everything had brought us closer together. The walls with ears had given us friends and sympathizers. The place had indeed grown on us.

And so this is our culture; a culture based on sharing, cooperation, and adaptability. I do not know of other cases where the campus itself had played such a pivotal role in the culture of an institute, maybe it did but I can only account for what I have seen. We will perhaps move on but the spirit that our campus has imbibed in us will stay. This is perhaps the most unique aspect of our campus.


Company of Choice:

I would like to work with Aditya Birla Capital Limited given that I am interested in pursuing a career in finance domain. ABCL ranks among top five fund managers in India with AUM of over INR 2400 billion. I believe that the values that are incorporated in the fabric of ABCL as a part of the Aditya Birla Group would help me in developing a career that is not just based on knowledge of the domain but also on a firm pillar of ethics, code of conduct and transparency.

Gaurav Choudhary – is a 2nd year student at IIM Raipur