Dare to Think Beyond The IIMs

To all the IIM aspirants & To whomsoever it may concern!

It is really sad to see disappointed faces all around. Despite scoring 99+ and doing well, many folks couldn’t fetch any calls from IIMs. And are perplexed with what’s going on with them.

Did you ponder why you need IIM?

Does life end without IIM?

Let us first think why do we need to get in IIMs? The answer to this could be different to different candidates’ requirement but they all would unite to get one thing-The Great brand to cherish whole life i.e The ‘IIM’ brand. What makes it IIM is more by the student’s who get in there who are already the winners in their life throughout their school time to graduation and till now.

IIM doesn’t make them diamonds, they already are. IIM just does a bit of polishing and then markets them to the best of the companies in the world. IIM is a great marketing institution in the world of Indian education. First they source the best product in students which they process later and then seal it with “product quality of IIM”. SOLD! Hantho haanth bik jata hai maal….

Companies from everywhere waits for the harvesting season to fetch the best maal from IIM every year during Jan- March when placements happen. What is this? This is a bloody business they are running. And every year they change their requirements in students to suit their needs. Ab bhai kabhi aap ko raw material pasand nahi aya piche saal ka. Quality check mein fail ho gaya…maal kharab aa gaya…use bechne mein problem ho gayi thi. Is saal thode norms aur stringent banane honge…quality check aur better karna padega. Best maal lenge to price achaa milega processing k baad.

This will improve our brand IIM. Brand achaa hoga…toh people will crave for it. Fees har saal badhayenge. 15-18 lakhs lenge best faculty layenge as in faculty are employees of IIM who indeed are best who work on the product to make them best to sell them later. Here selling doesnt gives them revenue. They add value to IIM brand. Intangible revenue add-on hota hai which they cash in every year while sourcing the material. They also get subsidies from GOI to fetch kharab maal at a lesser rate for which GOI subsidizes them.

So in all, they are doing business in which they don’t care what other students think. No matter what’s your score. If you fit their checklist they will take you. They are like Fritolay company and marketing Lays chips. And you are just a potato. If you fit in their quality checks and requirements, you are destined to be among the tempting Chips else you are already a pototo. Despite all hardship you have grown from a seed to a good potato. You would be taken by other businesses. Lays nahi to Diamond chips hi sahi. Nahi to McD k fries bann k shobha badaoge. You would find your way.

Don’t degrade your value. You have proved yourself to be best. It is just their requirement where u don’t fit in. Their judgement doesn’t change who you are. You are the best. And keep continuing. Find your way. It reminds me of a story of Alibaba’s Jack Ma who failed thrice in competitive exams. Rejected by KFC and he was the only one among all who interviewed. Despite all that, he is where many can’t even touch him – On the top. Anyways, chuck all this. Get out of the rat race. Get where you wanted to see yourself. Work hard for that.

If not IIM then something else. Whatever it wont change you to less. Your value is intact. Keep growing. Don’t settle. All the best. Cheers!

“If you are gold, no matter what struggle you go through you will only come out shining bright like gold”.

Disclaimer: It is author’s personal views here. IIPM is in no way associated or related and has no hand in making you think beyond………..whatever