Das Mysterium – XAHR

Mid-June 2017, it was a Wednesday and we were all newbies to XAHR. The class was scheduled to start at 9:45 am, and we were all there by 9:40 am, excited about the new subject and the new faculty. Seniors had told us that we would enjoy this one subject more than all others. The class was filled with the buzzing sounds of people trying to introduce themselves to their new batch mates, who would eventually become family.

As the clock struck the class time, in came a fairly middle-aged lady, with a smile on her face and gleam in her eyes. It looked like she was more excited to meet the new batch than the batch was to meet her. Impatience and inquisitiveness magically turned into discipline and decorum. The soft voice of the professor made the entire class attentive, while they tried to grab every word of what she was saying.

She got down to business and started calling out roll numbers, assembling them in groups, telling them something in a discreet manner, and letting many of them leave the class. Suddenly, we were all puzzled. Why is she asking people to leave? What have the rest of us done?

Soon half the class was released from the room with three assignments on day one. We were still baffled, with no clue about what would happen next. The professor had a poker straight face as she got up from her designated chair and took her place in the last row of the room, where she had set up a video camera. In no time, we were giving topics for impromptu speeches in front of a crowd who we had no connection with, on topics we did not prepare for; with everything being captured on camera. Things still looked mesmerizingly puzzling, but interesting. We felt like being abandoned in a jungle with no tools or equipment to save one’s life with.

It was only after all of us had made our short speeches, that the video clippings were played. The professor paused each video at each step and pointed out observations about the speaker that any normal person would never note.

Introducing my first CSM class.


Working with ABG has always been my dream. I can feel the vehemence inside me even as I write my aspirations about my dream. Given a chance, I would love to work for Ultratech Cement Ltd. The brand Ultratech is synonymous with trust, strength, integrity, and commitment. I strongly believe that I clearly resonate with these values in my daily life. This would be my second corporate exposure (first being my Summer Internship) and to have a chance to work for my dream employer would be the most memorable incident for me.


Vishal Patodia

MBA-HRM, 2nd year