5 Reasons Why You Should Never Date A PlaceCommer In A B-School

Disclaimer: The author of this article, who is a current student at a top IIM, has requested anonymity for reasons personal to her.

If you’re a B-school student, a convert or an aspirant, you would full well be acquainted with the clout of the Placement Committee members, popularly referred to as the “P.Commers”. They are not just among the most hardworking souls on campus but also the most revered and feared ones. One glance from them is potent enough to silence an entire hall of boisterous MBA students. They are the face of the institute and the batch to all recruiters. You know all this, right?

Adarsh Ranjan

Adarsh is a first-year MBA candidate at MDI Gurgaon. Having worked as a manager at Tata Steel and Mahindra&Mahindra for close to 4 years, he has developed an innate love for HR. His passion for HR has made him bag several accolades including that of being the national winner at the annual HR conference of XLRI. He is an avid reader, a proud speaker, a footloose traveller, an automobile enthusiast and definitely one you’d like to clink your beers with.



Nipunn Vepakomma

Placecom is the most feared on campus? Hah! In our campus, after I stood up to placecom and humiliated them in front of a class of 60 juniors, I became the most feared on campus! If our ancestors had been as timid as most of us are today, we would never have got independence from the British. Wherever there are dictators and tyrants, there must be bold resistance. Only then the world will be a better place. Hence, my advice to all aspirants is not to be placecom’s slaves. Or anyone’s slaves for that matter. Standing up for yourself is one of life’s biggest lessons which you must learn in a business school.

joshua ap

This article is a gross generalisation. I have dated a placecommer and will be marrying her in a few months’ time. They are very dedicated towards their work. True.

But only someone who knows dedication can be dedicated to you. They can sometimes not manage their work and life balance. But isn’t that the time when you should extend help and understand? It’s not always after all.

Adept at lying? Well i’d call that street smartness. That doesn’t mean they’ll lie to you. So a salesman is a bad husband and a father you mean? A lawyer is definitely not good in any relationship by that logic!

Wouldn’t be able to relate to them? Well, i have been able to relate to my girl everytime. It just takes love and patience. If you don’t have it then the fault lies somewhere else 😉

No campus PDA… That’s just professionalism.

So what if they get a lot of attention… How’s that a problem for you?

Adarsh Ranjan

Hi, Joshua!

At the outset, huge congratulations. The views expressed in the article are opinions of the author as experienced by her. This for sure, might be different for different people. So good to hear a fresh perspective from you. .

Adarsh Ranjan

Hi, Dileep!

The article is not a verdict, it talks of the experience of an individual. I agree that one person’s experience might not make much sense to the other person. This article was not about right or wrong, it is about the author’s experience, which had been stated at the very outset in disclaimer.

Adarsh Ranjan

Hello, Shubham!

Thanks for your feedback. We would keep that in mind. However, InsideIIM values diversity of articles and opinions from the B-School fraternity.