The Day I Almost Died & Got Resurrected By A Little Bird – Tanay Kumar Singh, IIM Udaipur

In my 23 years of life, I have learned two irrevocable truths. One always eats non-veg food when you go out. Two, never jump into unknown territory. The second, I learned quite recently during my ill-fated decision to retrieve a pong ball from depths of purgatory.

It all happened on the day the sports committee of IIMU, Lakesiders, organized a sports meet. I, being supremely confident about my TT skills, entered into the tournament as part of both Singles and Doubles contingent. As prophesized by many and unimaginable to me, I exited from the tournament before even reaching the semifinals. Naturally, I was appropriated by the Lakesiders into helping with the coordination between matches and naturally, being shell-shocked, I acquiesced without any protest. I was given the task to make sure that the contestants are supplied with practicing space & equipment, and there is no interference between the practice and real matches.

Tick – Tock, Tick- Tock, hours went by, and the matches continued. Despite the air-conditioning, the room had begun to grow hot and humid, so I opened a window to let some fresh air in.  Promptly, a ball hit by an over-enthusiastic Timo Boll-in-waiting went out the window into one of the numerous small courtyards in the academic block. To escape the dirty looks from the committee members that I had begun to receive, I went out to retrieve the ball. Taking the side-stairwell, I went down four flights of stairs before coming across a dead-end. Due to on-going renovation, the access to that floor from the stairwell had been cordoned off. To get to the courtyard, I would have to go back up the four flights of stairs and take another staircase. Or I could depend on my athletic prowess and jump & grab the narrow, slightly open window three feet above my head. I could go through whatever room it was and access another staircase. With some scratches and ruffled clothes, I finally jumped into the room. It was a bathroom. A peculiar bathroom, in a sense, that it didn’t have any urinals. Instead, there was a long stone bench. Well, I did get 98.6 percentile in CAT, and it didn’t take long for the considerable intellect that I was in the ladies’ bathroom.

I tried to run as soon as I grasped the fact that the situation could turn into something much more dangerous than a few scratches. Unfortunately, the floor was doing a perfect imitation of the Pacific sea, and my foot went right out from under me. My head banged against the very stone bench I was admiring a minute earlier. The cobwebs of unconsciousness enveloped me.

I woke to the loud chirping from one of the ventilators and saw a little yellow bird serenading her love for the dying sun. After taking inventory of all my possessions, I made my great escape from the same narrow window I had entered from. I went up the four flights of stairs and down another staircase to the courtyard and brought the ball back to the TT court like a good Samaritan. They never noticed. For all my troubles, I received a bump on the head and an invaluable life-lesson.

Which company of Aditya Birla Group would I like to work with?

The enterprise which interests me the most from Aditya Birla Group is the Hindalco Industries. I have chosen Operations and Supply Chain Management as my speciality and career path. Hindalco Industries, being the world’s largest aluminium rolling company and one of the largest aluminium producing companies, is the epitome of operational excellence through which I would better myself and understand the quality standards & procedures followed by a global AA-rated company. I also have Finance as my secondary domain, where I could add to the company value by applying my knowledge and skills to better the enormous cash flow process. With its strong presence in general insurance, equity, currency, and commodity broking, Aditya Birla would prove out to be a perfect launchpad for me in learning nuances of diverse roles.

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