A Day In The Life Of A First Year Student At NMIMS

Recently I met a student, who asked me what is it like to be at NMIMS? That’s when the idea of penning down this article struck me. If I were to sum it up in a line, it’s like living the corporate life even before you are actually living it. Confusing? Well, don’t worry, we’ll have that resolved by the end of this article.

A typical day at NMIMS starts with a 9:30 AM lecture. However, you may be expected to be in the college premises a lot earlier, depending on your commitments. By commitments, I mean the committees and clubs that you are into, the case studies that you’ve got to work on, the group submissions and you know I could extend this list further but now that you have a fair idea, let’s move further.

9:30 AM lecture done. What’s next? Rush to the cafeteria and grab some food as you only have 15 minutes in your pocket. The best part is that at NMIMS we have a variety of food. So, you could always go for a substitute item if a particular area is too crowded. But again, the probability of you making it to the end of the line depends solely upon your perseverance.

Lecture two at 11:15 AM, and now you are no longer a famished soul and yet another intense session with wonderful insights comes to an end. You know what the best part of an MBA is? Well at least for me, it’s that feeling of satisfaction that I get at the end of every lecture. When you are out there, in a classroom with 50 odd people, it does not feel like just another classroom. It’s like an entire ocean of knowledge. So many perspectives, so many ideas, all of these make me think that I need to think wider and not restrict my perspective.

The clock strikes 12:45 PM, and as you step into the canteen, you realise that you have just 45 minutes with you. Out of those 45 minutes, you take 30 minutes to make a choice as to what you want to eat, and then realisation strikes that “Oh, I’m a slow eater!’’ But you see time has its own way of teaching each one of us a lesson, so be slow or fast, 15 minutes is a luxury.

Now you are all set for the 1:30 PM lecture, but your eyes are cursing you for having to stay wide open. You know afternoon lectures are hard, but then motivation lies in the learning. Moreover, at NMIMS we have the best professors, so you don’t really lack motivation. 3 PM, and now you have another lecture to go before you are done for the day with studies.

Generally, the lectures end at 4:45 PM* but you see here the asterisk has a lot to say. There is a possibility of having an extra lecture post 4:45 PM depending on the subjects. It is also the time for laying the foundation for your group projects. Post 4:45 PM, you have some heavy prioritization to do. You need to be wise while allocating time towards group submissions, committee and club work, case study submissions. One common aspect to all of these are the intense brainstorming sessions. Like I’d stated earlier, at a b-school you could never run short of ideas. This goes on until the clock strikes _____. I will let you fill that gap.

In my case, I barely have any gap between my goodnight and my good morning. But I like it that way. I love being involved in a lot of activities, because that is what makes me realize that, “Hey I’m learning!’’

Neer Chhajer

Neer Chhajer is currently a MBA student at Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS). He has previously completed Mechanical Engineering from MS Ramaiah Institute of Technology, Bangalore, post which he has worked at Infosys as Senior System Engineer for 2 years.